Excessive Screen Tearing

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I was in the wrong place, i found the correct folders and deleted them. I then reloaded the game and it installed some things before allowing me to log on, but once on, it did not fix the problem.

That message you're getting is contained in the Agent log file. I see it in mine as well. I can't tell why you'd be seeing it on your screen though.

Try booting in selective startup once and playing like that for a little while and see if it happens again.

Seems to have fixed the problem, had a few more lag spikes than normal, but it cleared up the root issue. What might be the next step to narrow down the issue from there?

Selective start up mode stops programs you have set to auto start at boot up from starting. If the problem went away in that mode, you'd need to figure out what programs you had auto-starting and start adding them back one or two at a time until you isolate which is the source of the problem, and then investigate it from there. It can take a while if you have a lot as it requires a trial and error approach.

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