not getting my gold back from bidding.

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I bid on two different items, ice climbers order id 1128869791 for 1,823,260 gold on November 10th, and warrior's spite order id 1101357744 for 56,228 gold on November 2nd. I got out bid and i know that i never got my gold back once i got outbid. they still show up on my auction tab saying expired. I would like to get my gold back from them and also get them taken off my auction tab.


Customer Service Representative

Salutations, and thanks for contacting us!

First off, I definitely appreciate your patience - as you can imagine, we're getting a very high volume of tickets and calls with the Diablo III launch. We're working through all issues as efficiently as possible, but we also want to give each ticket a full and fair review.

And indeed, best way to get AH glitches reported is through the Diablo III Bug Report forum. By posting there, you'll be contacting the QA and development teams directly who can check out all reports and handle 'em from there.

Since this involves the AH, I recommend including the auction IDs if at all possible. Please feel free to keep all other account information confidential - the ID just gives 'em a timestamp and more detail.

Thanks again for contacting us, and once more for your patience.

Game Master Errinthal
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

and please do not tell me again to summit a ticket when they told me to write it on here. i just want my gold back
The QA team can and will do nothing about your transaction. That must be resolved through customer support. All the QA team can do is fix the bug (if there is a bug) so that it doesn't happen again.

Unfortunately, the CS team doesn't seem particularly well trained. They keep passing people off to other departments, when they're the ones responsible for these kind of issues. However, Omrakos over in the technical support forum has been very helpful in getting these issues resolved.
Similar thing happened to me, this is a serious issue regarding bidding on the AH. My was i won the bid but was not refunded the gold difference between my max bid and the actual winning bid.

I also found this post in the past:

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