Best upgrades with 100m

Hey all,

Based on my current gear, what would be the overall best upgrade path for me based around a 100m budget? Any help would be muchly appreciated!
I think the 3 spots where you can add dps will be ammy by adding average dam/crit dam, OH by getting 90+crit, MH by adding crit. Ik gloves with low str and 2 dps mods aren't very sexy. I'd rather have rares with 120+str and 9ias/9+cc, but since it completes IK3 I understand.

You have so much vit tied up in that ammy it will be impossible to keep it all and add crit dam or big average damage. You also have a big chunk of vit on your OH.
Thanks for the tips PhatPhoEater.. I'll look around for Amulet options. As for the vit tied up in the amulet - I just bought the Blackthorne's surcoat for the 100vit bonus, so am sitting at 55k hp without %life in the helm. I think it'll be ok to sacrifice the majority of the amulet vit to get damage as long as I replace the xp gem with a hp gem.
Yea man, go with the ammy,
you could get some Vit Crit lacuni bracers for the Vit loss on the ammy.

Also some %life or hp on that belt,
set a goal for yourself on where your build wants to be and stick to it.

Good luck :)
IK helm, 280+ str belt all res and leech, some 100+ str 100+ vit AR 5%+ crit bracers
Thanks for the advice guys.. Something to think about!

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