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Demon Hunter
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i like your helm , i think is the best in your set .
@REVRAC is the obvious winner. When pricing out pieces for my legacy nat's, I focused on finding affordable pieces, which tended to be more tanky rather than DPS. I have another Nat Shadow with +all res and a MF set (minus the Nat. Mark, which I only have the one).

Having "gone with" legacy nat's for so long, I cannot say I enjoy the pigeon-hole it does to your gear and build selection. I've been trying to piece my way out of it, in the stash/background.
@DinoBSC - hey man change your shadow for one without the extra disc, and alot more dex or vit. I know they are $$ but a crit dam nats mark would rock. Otherwise solid 6/10
what bout meee

Nice setup !!
I feel crummy with the worst Legacy Natalya's set. I wish there were people willing to upgrade me by trading in my current pieces + equivalent gold for a better piece.

@grimdigital your boots are nice.
ur nats are still ok...passable
Give me your nat soul pretty please? =p
what more for you? lol go rob a higher armour 4cc soc gaze? XD
@Quos : The only real suggestion t hat I have for you is to get a chest with a more useful stat than the + health globe mod. Other than that it's looking for upgrades to already pretty good legacy nats pieces.

Also, you've got enough crit chance, and that nice 14% hungering arrow DML, use spray of teeth =D

Quos was probably using his stupid endless strafe build to farm mp0 or 1..

Your Nats are nice 8/10 considering getting any upgrades to the legacy requires your left nut nowadays
@tharkis, haha yea pewpew is right this my strafe built setup, i have a chest with disc, lol, i grab tis chest for the CC strafe and health globe (to no self-frag myself for RD)

PewPEW,give mi that helm
why every1 also got socketed crit helm.. damn i'm jealous.. the 1s in ah are too high to bid for..
Even a socketed helm is expensive for me :(
I just got my nats yesterday it was the cheapest

but how can I raise my DPS?
where's your DH character?

drop LoH.. you got perma gloom with your nats leg..
get Dex/RA/CD/CC on the other ring..
replace jousting with higher dex & vit rare pants..
and get DML w/wo dis.. 18-20 atk spd preferably..
hmm putting on trifecta dex ring and inna's pants put me to 121k with steady aim

i liked blackthornes for the all resist too, ill look into rare pants
I love your quiver. 10/10 on the nats/build

yeah you can go with trifecta dex ring..
and inna temp will do too..
but maintain your RA above 300 while pumping up your dps..

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