7,000 hours to get lvl. 100 paragon???

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I get 70m exp/hour on my archon wizard farming a3 mp0.

I expect that I could do 90-100 in slightly under 2 days if I really cared to do so.
hey, i was just watching a vid made my Athene (best wow paladin in the world) and he said that i would take 7,000hrs to complete all the paragon levels presuming you get 1.5m xp an hour


i was wondering what ppls views on this insane gride wazz

Athene is the best troll in the world, nothing more. He's awful at WoW, he's bad at diablo, stop listening to his lies.
12M exp an hour may be a little difficult, but 11M shouldn't
11/13/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Odin
I dunno, I started my barb when 1.05 came out (3 weeks ago?) and I've been working a full time job / having a family so my playtime is basically casual. I'm just about to ding 59, so it can't be that big of a grind.

The experience to level up scales higher at the higher levels. You're not even a 3rd of the way to pax paragon level.
Holy crap, ~13 days worth of play to get para level 100? That's just nuts. Who has the time for that :)

-- hellfire ring, leroic ring, cain's set, radiant star ruby in helm
-- emphasize mob kills not single monster kills whereby you get bonus exp

See, now that's just not fun at all. Play the game in such a way that it feels like work? Crazies :)
I'm at Paragon level 71 and I plan on hitting 100 by Christmas and i'm not even at 400 hrs yet. So I call BS...

Edit: And I'm selling everything that drops to my paypal so i'm going to be using the same gear as right now. Working on Hellfire Ring.
7,000 Hours is 291 days of solid play time. Why would you ever believe that?
Athene is just a dumb@ss who thinks he knows everything cuz he says ''ive been doing some number crunching'' dude practically begs for donations and uses RMA for his gear, kripp knows more than him, but im not a super big fan of kripp either.
Even at 20~m exp/hour you'll definitely reach it around 1000~ hours played unless you are just wasting time...
Athene said 160 by the way.
Im almost at 100 and i do not have close to 1000hr played. Well kinda close but yea

10 days away from 100 basically
1.5m EXP an hour is extremely low.
11/13/2012 12:58 PMPosted by IsThatOkay
1.5m EXP an hour is extremely low.

in my really quicktryhard runs i amost get 1m every 1m lol
And this is why Athene is a dumb retard. It took me < 1000hrs played. 1.5million exp per hour is sad.
i get 40-50 mill exp an hour
11/13/2012 01:00 PMPosted by Doherty
1.5m EXP an hour is extremely low.

in my really quicktryhard runs i amost get 1m every 1m lol

Yeah with decent gear people can get 30-50m+ exp an hour with an efficient method of farming/efficient route.
You can pull 75m-80m a hour if you know what your doing.

i would say it takes 300 hours and athene wouldn't be the best place to get all ur information from haha

but i could see how people could get to 7k hours i afk alot while grinding lvls it's so freaking BORING..
1.5m/hr!? I would agree though it would take that long to make it to level 100 if you go that slow.

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