just lost my lvl 60+ hc monk

Technical Support
beacouse of the server !@#$ting out on me

there should be a role back right now

clearly this is druing a hot fix
clearly this isent fair
clearly it was right after the update that %^-*ed thigs up even more
clearly even tho it was on HARDCORE i still deserve to be herd out.
just beacouse you dont make money off me on youre auction house i still payd the money to buy this game in the first place

I'm sorry but a dead hardcore character cannot be revived.


"Fallen Hardcore Heroes

Customer Support cannot revive fallen hardcore heroes for any reason."
you hot chatted all of that.
love the copy past you do shows me that you really care and blizzard really cares
about when there product !@#$s up
and then they take away all i have earnd

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