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Just upgraded a few pieces. I have finally broken the 100k (104k to be exact) unbuffed barrier but some things have certainly changed...

I lost the Thing of the deep in lew of the higher damage Uhk serpent...this i think is the biggest adjustment as I lost the 20 yard pick up radius and i never realized how much that effected my game play, I used Gave Injustice over Gruesome Feast and now without that helping my cooldowns on Spirit Walk - Jaunt and Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit. It seems like I'm struggling a bit. Also I have lost the 11 mana regen from Thing ofthe deep and this is another hard hit... I am used to tooling around with
76 mana regen, and im now down to 65 that 11 mana makes a HELL of a difference that plus the attack speed increase I have mustered up (current ct is 1.62) has made Spirit Barrage difficult to spam for long periods. (yes I use Blood Ritual and Rush of Essence)

So. here is my current build...

LC- Spirit Barrage - Well of Souls
RC- Zombie Charge - Bears
1- Spirit Walk - Jaunt
2- Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit
3- Dogs - Leeching Beasts
4- Gargantuan - Humongoid

Passives Blood Ritual - Rush of Essence - Grave Injustice

My questions...

Is the mana problem something that most people using like mine mine experience or is there something I can do to remedy this, like a better on my left and right attacks?

With the lack of the 20 yard radius pick up...where should i go as far as my 3rd passive?

If I were to change out my main attack spell and mana dump spell... what would be some recommendations?

ill run down my current stats because I know blizz hasnt updated them to the new gear on my profile..

Damage 104,000 / Crit 42.5% / Crit Dam 390% / 2560 int / 38k life / 1.62 att speed / 650 on my res min / 5 yrd pick up range

Thank you for any help in advance :)
Your AS is a little on the slow side to try this, but give Spirit is Willing rune a crack on your SB.
Swap to Honored Guest on your SW, and your profile lists BBV - use Rain Dance with that. See how you go.

Alternatively, swap out GI for VQ, and drop SB for Blazing Spiders, or Widowmakers if you need.
yeah I still need Tal's chest and lacuni bracers to up my speed...
11/13/2012 11:08 PMPosted by Nerd
yeah I still need Tal's chest and lacuni bracers to up my speed...

Honestly, you don't. With the build you have, AS is not vital - it's a (reasonably) expensive luxury. My reference to AS related purely to the SiW rune. There are other ways to get what you are after...

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