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Since I am still awaiting a proper reply I make this thread to get this sorted cause I have been unable to play atleast 2 weeks now.

I got the error 14009 after installing Windows 8 Volume License. Thus Blizzard said straight forward and I quote:

ou must be super excited about getting Windows 8! :) Unfortunately, we do not support Windows 8 with any of our games yet. We are of course going to upgrade our system requirements very soon, but as of now we support Windows XP/Vista/7 for Diablo 3. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I replied I found that quite odd since it was barely 2 weeks before the launch of Windows 8.

I waited till Windows 8 was out and I checked if the game requirements showed Windows 8. They did and I replied to the ticket and got the following answer:

This error is caused due to a problem with the cache folder that created on your computer. To fix this open the “C:ProgramDataBlizzard” folder on Vista or Win 7. Windows XP users can find this at “C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataBlizzard”.
You should see a folder called “Cache”. Rename this folder to any other name or delete it. Now start Diablo 3 and the error should be fixed.

Since to start with they didn't even checked which version of Windows was used, this solution didn't worked. It didn't before and neither it does now.

Adding a secondary account in Windows 8 doesn't work either.

I like some support Blizzard, been playing your games with fun but I dislike it alot you aren't willing to give support for something slightly out of the ordinary, and this error should have been fixed by now tbh.
I have the same problem man! Let's hope Blizzard is going to fix this soon. Or would they just refund the money we payed for this game?
Next time, do a little research and you will see all of the games are not being supported by Windows 8.There was even a posting by some guy (UBI games I believe) that stated; Windows 8 sucks at gaming!
Is there an error message with the error 14009? I reviewed that and it seems to be this:

Download to a file failed because a temporary filename couldn't be generated.

Awesome, now that we have defined what the problem is, can we hope for a fix soon?
I had the same problem, right now.
Fix it.
PS: I'm in Windows 8
Everybody knows the error description.
Show us a way to fix it and put a hotfix ASAP to adress it.
im having this problem too .. Amy way to fix it ?
same problem... fix it pls
We all know what the error is for (it has a description under the error code in the console screen that pops up, don't have to be a developer to put this puzzle together). Been flipping through all the forums on here with any threads containing "error 14009", while I'm sitting here, resisting the urge to uninstall Diablo 3 and start up TorchLight 2. It's actually funny to see how many lack any kind of "blue text" responses. Just people asking for help, and receiving none. Makes me think that you guy's (Blizzard) are whipped. Like you guys forgot something, didn't plan for the very well publicized launch of Windows 8 (which in a matter of months will probably be one of the most used OS on the planet, thanks to it coming standard on tons of new computers) and now you have no idea how to fix this thing. I'll be honest, I have no idea how to fix it either. Its not my job to know though. Thats you're (Blizzards) job.

Your F'ing high if you think that:

A) You posting some BS about how to fish around my C:/Drive to delete or modify a file is the right answer. Do your job yourself, and patch this thing already..... pathetic.

B) I should follow any crazy steps or work arounds in the first place, like creating additional user profiles, or what have you. Blizzard should be professionally embarrassed that their software is in such disrepair that I, as the consumer, HAVE TO TRICK MY COMPUTER INTO ALLOWING IT TO OPERATE.

Please save your blue text excuses, and instead spend the time working on this issue. Or don't. It's your product and reputation, whats left of it anyways.
11/04/2012 11:07 AMPosted by rogergjr
Next time, do a little research and you will see all of the games are not being supported by Windows 8.There was even a posting by some guy (UBI games I believe) that stated; Windows 8 sucks at gaming!

Everyone knew how this was going to play out though. New Windows OS comes out, all the big companies put it on all their new computers. Next thing you know, almost everyone (casual users especially) is on Windows 8.

How do you miss that if you are Blizzard? Actually, it would be completely stupid of me to assume they missed it. They missed nothing, they chose to not address this before it became an issue. None of the developers for any of the other software or programs I used seem to have a problem updating their products to prepare for the Windows 8 launch. Then again, they didn't have a RMAH to obsess over, either.
Did this ever get fixed? I just reinstalled D3 on my 'refreshed' windows 8 machine and it will not run.
I have same problem error 14009 error downloading agreements what should i do to fix it ? can someone help me ? i have windows 7.

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