what is best uber build

my monk hit 60, and is geared. what is best build for doing ubers?
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but for real, what is the build that yields the most success with ubers?
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Here, let the Lord enlighten you.

"Slayer of Infidels"

Copyright © CountFury, monk grandmaster.


*Thunderclap + Cyclones
- teleport approach, LoH, and cyclone dps.

- 18% damage buff, and good for attacking Kulle outside of the bubble,
also attacking outside of Ghom's cloud when necessary, and kiting Skeleton King when needed.

*Serenity : Ascension

*Dashing Strike : Flying Side Kick
- stuns and interrupts the bosses, can be chained to get perma stun, disrupting Skeleton's attacks or Kulle's teleport.
Also good for escaping and approaching.

here you have 3 choices,
--Hard Target | if you're Armor is high, and if your party are melee classes with good armor.
--Time of Need | if you have high resistance and low armor, or if your party are mages, or have high resistance.
--Overawe | if you have armor and resistance taken care of, or if your party is full of glass cannon with high dps and low armor/resistance.

- OWE / STI / Transcendence.


This is the best monk build for ubers, hands down.
Credits to CountFury, Lord of the Monks.

awesome thanks.

looking at my gear, where would you suggest i make improvements, and what should i upgrade first?
and what mp level of ubers would be safest for me so i dont waste a machine?

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