Act II Keywarden Mortar Fire Bug?

Bug Report
Not sure if this is a bug or not but I've been noticing some oddities with the Act II Keywarden's Mortar affix. I fight many a Mortar affix pack on my Demon Hunter and I can dodge their mortar fire no problem (RNG on my side), or only take a few hits out of their salvos. However, every time I fight this guy I have never once (and I've kept track) dodged a single mortar attack from him. At first I chalked it up to RNG on the first salvo, but when I've faced him multiple times and haven't had a single successful dodge...that shouldn't be happening.

Is this intended, or is this a bug? I'm leaning towards a bug right now because I can dodge falling ice corpses from the Act III Keywarden, and the spears and fireballs from the Act I Keywarden just fine. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Bug damage. One mortar ball has such power that I will remove 24,800 lives. My barb haved 50k life, 71% armor damage reduce, 71% fire ress reduce and this bugged damage kill me instantly. Im EU player.

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