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Hi Guys,

Finally got enough keys to make 3 machines. Have sent a request for help to one of you guys.

Any ideas on the MP level with the gear I got currently?


Message sent, would love some help! :)

Wow, these guys are fantastic. Awesome help and I got my organs first time around.

is it possible to join u guys in 7 sins if so how?
Hopefully 7SINS is more active now, so please add Grizlor#1766 if you need help with Ubers.

Just did a couple of runs with Grizlor et al.

Great guys, +1 rep.
prompt response and aewsome team.
rolled mp10 with Grizlor, Nothinsuss, and Manson in under 20min.
I really appreciate the help and will def ask for another run with these guys.

p.s. Gratz to Nothinsuss with his lvl100 acheivement.
Ran MP10 with these guys, smoothest run yet. Thank you guys. :)

Have blown 4 or 5 sets of machines with this team, plan to use up many more as long as they're up for it.
any of u fukkers online i have 3 machines yo
^ aha, ya. add me if you want i'll be on soon, don't know who else will be on tho...
Thanks for a quick clear - MP 10 ubers!

Very quick and efficient.

just did a run with these guys. awsame guys thank you for the fast run will def do it again when ever i got keys A++++++++
Just did a run with them, awesome ppl, definitley recommend.
Hi guys. Message sent. Need a carry please. Cheers.
Just ran with TigerBlood and co. Awesome bunch. Very quickly got the 5 stacks and then smashed the ubers while i was a gravestone. Got the 3 keys in the end. Highly recommended! Will definately run with again. Thanks guys!
did another run, awesome bunch as usual :)
2 Quick questions

1: Do you do more than a single run or do you do as many as time and machines will allow? ie, we have 20+ machines to roll

2: Do you only carry 1 person or can you do 2 if both players are strong enough?

Other persons ID
Currently not properly geared.

Sheet DPS: 186k
AR: 700+
Life: 61k

Cheers, just need that little bit extra help to roll MP10 Ubers.
Just did 3 2 man carries with these guys on mp9. Great runs 9/9 organs. and got this for a hellfire...

185 Dex
89 Int
9% IAS
CD 32%

Will definitely be doing more runs with Griz & tiger.

Cheers again guys.

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