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Just did an uber carry with Grizlor and TigerBlood (7 Sins Team)

I can recommend this service as they were very friendly and supportive thoughout the runs.
They carried a Friend of mine and myself with ease. They got us the 5 stacks in no time and we smashed the ubers.

We did 3 full runs on MP9 and my firend got 9 from 9 drops and I got 8 from 9.

I cannot speak highly enough of this service. I will be using them in the future for sure.

Thanks again guys.
i did runs with 7 sins not a bad group but that aside any1 that wants to use 3 IM to pay 3 ppl todo mp10 for them is actually pretty fukn stupid i thought ages ago when i started playing again it was a good idea but its not, get some farming friends and a CM wizard pretty much any group with a CM wiz all with 100k+ dps can do mp10 easy and u only have to use 1 IM sometimes none if ur lucky to find the keywarden no bad feelings to 7 sins good group good ppl but come on farm ur own fukn IM and stop this "o we just trying to help" pfft yeah u just want free runs is all it is lol sorry its the truth
Afraid your wrong there sir i do, do it just to help

Check my ring, no hellfire ring in the entire game of hellfire rings is better then it as proven by diabloprogress. also i haven't made a hellfire ring in my last 200matchs cause i do it just to help others out I find it more fun then endless loot/xp runs
Just did a run on MP10 with Tigerblood and team last night.. Fast, professional, fun and they make it look like they're playing at MP0.. -_-"

Highly recommended! Those who criticise are either jelly or a spoilt sport.
Sad very sad how some of your members work to all that I have offended my at most respectful regret for inflaming ill will. But after what flaming I have received I have lost all respect for what certain members of your group stand for when thou first written wrong/Badly by myself was a true based fact.

Lol dude you are hilarious. You talk about being respectful after posting this trash in the other thread:

You must you replied? So stop acting like a A.S.S. and get your mother to wipe your mouth your acting like usual and are talking the usual rubbish.
P.s. nice amount of elite kills there kid.
Keeping Lvling and one day you will reach your goal without your mother holding your hand.

I have done perhaps 7 runs with 7Sins. They did them very efficiently, quickly, on MP10 which guaranteed me a ring each time. I wasn't much help to them, but they carried me without any problems.

I would like to express my wholehearted thanks for their courtesy and their service.
Tiger, Jaetch and Nothinsuss...thx again for the carry.
just did another run with them, very well done.
Great team, good sort and very fast, thanks again!
Thanks to Grizlor & Nothinsuss for the carry & putting up with our lack luster DPS!
Shame on me for not noticing this thread earlier.

I've wasted lots of machines on solo uber MP7 etc runs with no drops. Kinda over it.

Will hit you guys up if youre online. Have machines on hand.
did another 2 runs with this awesome team, keep it up guys.
Just did a run with grizlor, nothinsuss and evo.. at mp10 took about 30mins.. to 5stack.. 3 ubers and keywarden..

all in all smooth as.. great bunch of guys.. good banter in chat! and great results!!

my first hellfire ring.. thank you guys!!

recommend this service ++
Hi 7-sins team!

Just wondering if you have a service for Hardcore yet?


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