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Just ran with these guys on MP9 and got my ring. Very fast and professional and had fun. Definitely recommend.
HD MP10 of us coming soon. one i made before was accidentally saved wrong
Are you guys around tonight?
Thank you once again for some crazy runs tonight! 13/15 organs in less than 2 hours. And finally a Hellfire Ring that puts me into the 100k range DPS!

Sit tight. I will be back for more :)
Thanks guys! 3 machines, 3 organs!
Thank you guys, 2 word: pure awesomeness !!
7S vids-
7s MP10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54kumaMyCqY
7s MP9 carry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj5zZncHcJo
I have 9 machines and interested in 3 MP10 runs tonight if possible =)
Updated contact list:

If you need help with ubers only contact one of following members here iself#6367, Yokies#6303, Azimuth#1547 and TigerBlood#6383 leave a msg "help with Ubers". If the person you added don't respond in time please add another member on the contact list.
Just done 4 runs (12 machines), best time ~9 minutes.

Great job guys, very well organised. Thanks.

"gogogo!" :)
You guys online ATM? I have just sent a friend's request to iself#6367.

Please add me JALIM#1981!
Thanks guys for the quick run, very informative as it was my first time!
Talk about a quick run. Fastest MP9 uber run in town right here!
In and out. Done like a pro! Thanks for the run guys, still can't believe 2/3 in MP9 but hey, just unlucky this time. Will definitely use your service again :)
Carried me again last night on MP9. Smooth and hassle free!
awesome team did mp9 5 nvs and all ubers in 11min :)
thumbs up for the 7SINS team. Carried me on MP10 last night. cleared 5 NV and all uber in 20 mins :)
Just curious why people do the ubers? Is it just for a chance at the Hellfire Rings? I might start doing some key runs and will hit you guys up when I have them :)
Did a run with Iself and group. Quick and effective! Highly recommend for ppl looking for carry...
Just did two runs with the team. MAN they were quick! MP10, 2 rings, probly 45 mins? Including stacks.

I know who Im saving machines for :P

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