New Van Helsing Game

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Found this game a few weeks ago, seems interesting:

Also an aRPG, if you wanna check. Are you gonna play this?
Looks promising, except this girly boy. Oh, so he is Van Helsing...
He isn't girly anymore. There was a voting for the main char and a mysterious monster slayer man wins. See it:
I'm looking forward to this.
I see. Not bad then.
Here is a very good interview with developer and answers ALOT of questions.
Good one. Thanks GreyWolf!
Rage Gameplay Trailer - The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Nice, very nice... :)
A really enjoyable aRPG in a detailed world with a cool sidekick and her witty comments. :)
If you like hack 'n slash, you must try it, especially for such a low price! (15$)
I have been playing this for the last couple of days. If you like Diablo 3 you will quite enjoy this - it's a lot of fun! Quite hard on the harder difficulties though...
I'd like to try it, but I'm going to wait for the Steam summer/4th of July sale coming up soon to see if I can get a better deal than just 2 dollars off.

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