next upgrade for the dh above

Demon Hunter
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@Albrif read "next upgrade for the dh above"
@Angrymelon natalya's sight for le sexy set bonus
I don't see a DH for reckza so....

Looking for viable upgrade tips that generally costs <10m
Optimum spending is 1m/1k dps boost or lesser.

Manticore could be upgraded but maybe wait for prices to drop a little more?

For rings and amulet i'd say go for average damage on top of CC and CD, it will boost ur dps by quite a bit

And i think more AR and VIT in general on gear
@Azurelight - For a helm you might want to look at Mempo. That gave me a nice boost and is fairly inexpensive. Also Your Amulet. Look to add CC, CD and attack speed. Other then that looking very good.
@ Vance. I would look into Nat's Bloody Footprints with better dex. A DML with a better attack speed and a skill you use. Some gloves with Dex and an ammy with better dex. Crit is good but your dex is really low. You'd be surprised how much difference another 700-800 dex would do for your dodging capability.
@Chocko I would upgrade gems! it's the easy upgrade!
@Blackroses Nat's boots for the Set Bonus.
11/18/2012 11:22 AMPosted by Toprem
@Blackroses Nat's boots for the Set Bonus.

Mempo or Vilewards could use an upgrade. Tho the vileward upgrade would be much much easier.
11/18/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Dragon
@Blackroses Nat's boots for the Set Bonus.

Mempo or Vilewards could use an upgrade. Tho the vileward upgrade would be much much easier.

I bought these the other day, I went with what was cheapest :OX.

boots, pants, and both rings are the things that stand out over the others. Your andi has 18% more fire damage.
@brutality. I think you're just about there man. You only need 1300 dps 2 socket Manti, or maybe some as/dex on the ammy, or only other thing I say is a crazy expensive Lacuni's roll.
tell me, plz.

I have around 9 mil for gear upgrades, any advices?

I'd get your mvspd capped first as it's a good place to start and will increase your income the most (even if you're dying you can walk back to where you died faster.) It helps you survive by walking out of attacks also.

You can get fire walkers pretty cheap and they have decent stats for entry level, but you'll want to upgrade them to something more BiS later. You'll want something like Natalya's Bloody boots eventually for the set bonuses/ar or Ice Climbers w/mvspd for vit/ar but they're steep.

Then Inna's temperance pants. Lacuni prowlers can also help with mvspd on bracer, but I prefer Strongarm bracer.
@ Otaking

Your equipment is pretty great, I guess purchase an extremely expensive double socket manticore with 1300 dps?
@Gudio A Vile Ward would help you a lot

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