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You know the drill.

I posted last on #6 so didn't get input.
@pj0078: Very nicely geared, maybe some zuni boots would be nice :)

I'm still very new to a wizard, i only made one cos all my barb found was decent wizard gear (Most of my wiz gear is all found by my barb). So i'm still playing around with builds etc. So, any advice would be great.
I would have to say weapons, must get basic prime DPs up
@Blood, Higher DMG Source if at all possible
@ BloodBane, very nice set up, ur Hellfire Ring is awesome, for the upgrade is getting those ring, ammy, and gloves with INT for more dps ;)
^ maybe a zunisama's vessel for extra dps and movespeed? otherwise everything's pretty decent :o
^ New helm with socket or shoulders with %life for surviv
Navixo i think your rings def needs an upgrade! also try to get chantodo's set!
Sicknature ..weapon with a socket..
Areagon; gem upgrades for sure!
I would probably say right ring with more Attack speed and critical hit chance

:profile isn't how I play my wiz =(
hard to say you have a very good gear, but I think I would probably buy a better ring, maybe with crit damage
@ Kaim

New weapon. Higher base DPS and at least a socket, if not CD+OS.
Gloves. Crit chance or 1 hand weapon
@BOSS Very good gear, would guess the pants are the one piece that would could be improved the most.
@ Sechulath - I don't see any LoH or Life Steal, i'd pick up an ammy with LoH. Also, See about getting a cheap storm crow, the APoC would do you wonders from what i'm seeing. Lastly, why are stacking MF gear? If you buff your toon with more useful stats, you could run higher MP's, which would give you a higher MF overall.
@CaptGimp, looks like you're trying to run CM/WW, but your APS isn't up to it. First priority I'd say is a Tal's chest; then get some ASI on your gloves and the ring that's missing it. A Witching Hour would also be huge, but those are expensive.

Also, not related to your gear, with that Meteor -AP source, you should look into swapping LL out for Liquefy. Aimless just made a nice thread on it here:
What should my next upgrade be?
@Youngster, follow the damn thread instructions and maybe someone'll tell you :P .
I don't want to give wrong advice :p

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