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woah thanks for all the help - but besides witching hour for more AS where else can i get more from?

Yes u need to get a witching hour.
Dictch ur Sloark, it wont benifi from your source.
Replace ur POX with a crit version.
At least get some stats on ur braces.


Didn't mean to skip you. I've never played your build which looks to be pretty kite-heavy. I'd say you can afford to drop a decent amount of vit on items in favor of mitigation, ie AR and armor. At first glance, drop the vit on your boots and boost up your AR... It seems to be pretty low.
*noob wiz alert*

Just curious about which item should I upgrade first with my money shortage ):
To Izhern

New Helmet: Find a helm with crit and int
New Shoulders: more int and vit
New Bracers: Same as above
I just converted my kiting wizard to CM!
Theduck-Get some armor on those bracers, you can do better than that.
now someone do me
11/14/2012 08:17 PMPosted by Tsalay
now someone do me

I see 3 parts of the equip and 151k dps. Something is bug'd. :p
You might have updated your gear, but it's not showing on the site. Are you selling?
Nice ammy and a decent roll. Fill out those empty spaces!!
opps i just remember i listed all my good gear on ah before i left for work....
wapow you looking to buy gear for ur wiz?
i can probably hook u up with great gears

drop vit on ammy for 8% attack speed (pick up lost vit on a vile ward upgrade)
swap chants for one with 1.65 attack speed

Whammy, you just broke 3.0 / 40 tick WW barrier.

someone please help me, I need 30k dps!!
If you really want a big DPS boost, you should get a Socket in your Chantodo's, even if you lose the Attack Speed. There is also crit in the Mempo if you can afford that upgrade, and also Int on the Lacuni's and Gloves.
11/14/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Daemon
now someone do me

I see 3 parts of the equip and 151k dps. Something is bug'd. :p

Hey Daemon i like ur bracer...
are you looking to sell?
Tsalay, looks like you need a few pieces haha.
@HotSauce, Gloves could use some Attack Speed. Your resists are good enough, and unless your just really want them you could probably drop it.

I play on the Asia servers but I can't read any Korean nor Chinese. Can someone please take a look at my wizard and let me know what I should upgrade.

@Rank mainly just get pants with 2 sockets...that is all I can really see.
I just upgraded my storm crow to a 200 int one with more life on hit so it may not show up.
Thanks Rank

But could anyone tell me how to gain roughly 30k DPS WITHOUT dropping any stats?
1st increase the average damage of ur source, an upgrade to an avg dmg of 260+ would significantly add to ur dps...get more crit dmg % in ur weapon unless u are going to make the call to go cm/ww, then aps is just as favorable...also u could probably afford a bit of a vitality/all res loss in ur pants and get an innas temp for the bonus 1% crit and 9% as...also consider upgrading ur gloves, could manage an increase in stats there and the change in % gains would balance with the stat loss for that gain...just a couple of things to consider

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