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@leftnutt focus on vile wards with high INT like 280-290 range.
About 45 mil to spend... what should I upgrade next?
Sorry I haven't played my D3 since.... 3 major patches ago? Some tips will be great
@shifty just look for more int in general. I saw a few pieces with as low as 30 and that's not enough.
Be warned, Returning player with some legacy gear on. It might not be a pretty sight.

(i can get away with soloing MP5 without too much unexpected spike damage, but MP2-3 are usually a more comfortable speed overall.)

After making a few questionable purchases to replace some dreadfully old gear, I'd like to have a make sure I'm going in a good direction. (I also play with friends fairly often, so I'd like to keep Conflag, and i assume non-legacy tal Rasha's neck and chest would be the best way to do it)
Replace ur Tals Ammy and Armour for the new versions they are much better. +3 % Fire Dmg doesnt quite work how you are thinking. It adds 3% your your minimum base non elemental damage as fire but than when you cast Wicked Wind all your damage becomes Arcane instead since it sayd it deals arcane damage. The only way the 3% fire would trigger is with a skill that says physcial damage and the only we have is Spectral Blades.

Get a socket in your weapon. Get higher base damage on your weapon.
Vile wards. They are rather cheap.

time to start getting some crit chance and crit dmg on your rings
@ Zap

may be get a better lacuni prowlers. (armor? higher crit?)
@dan very solid items, but maybe a tal rasha amulet would be better, with crit or IAS
@darkwils first ring, belt, pants, helm...fill out pants w depth diggers or innas, belt w witching hour, and helm w mempo or tal rasha...andys protection simply isnt worth it
@ amer don't be wishy'washy about archon/cm. if you want to run archon in your build get a triumvirate, and some zuni's boots. your sacking too much offense for too little defense imo
Deleted by xXSiiNXx
just browsing here...see if i could pick up something to upgrade my wiz...would appreciate if u could rate my wiz give feedback on how to up my dps / damage...thanks guys :)
@yahnie...looks like you just need a chan with a sock in it..
Lacuni Prowlers for sure

My next upgrade would be my chest
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit

I am expecting there will be any adjustment of the set bonus so I am hesitated to get one now.
If there will be new set of Tal Rasha, I can just get a the current one with Int Vit AR much cheaper.

Yeah looks like youve been upgrading and the chest is definitely next.

If I had to pick something else maybe upgrade the hellfire ring. Very nice all around though.

you gear is so good. I guess i would upgrade the gems in the pants.

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