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Ah sorry, about the sc2 account

Cpt Jesus, upgrade that left ring. Need attack speed and more crit chance and average damage.
Wow PikaQ, nice gear!
I'm going to take a shot and say maybe the rings are next?

get regular bracers with all res and crit chance, since you're not using archon for farming and you dont have high DPS, you dont need that extra 12% speed, and the 9% attack speed you can compensate on your left ring.

my profile:
My gear isnt that great, i know i need more AS, AR, armor, CC, CD

I have 9 million right meow, what should i get?

I only have 2.61 AS w/o enchantress, know i need to get above the 2.72 bp but a chantodo with attack speed is pricey

replace your hellfire ring for a 6CC 9IAS INT ring

rebuy everything but add ar and armor affix to it in search criteria.
@TheDudeMan I assume the budget is tight, but there's no reason why you can't upgrade the gloves and bracer with the max crit chances (ie 10 and 6%) to start, given you are using the nat set.

However, the net benefit of your NAT set is also quite low... you may even considering selling the NAT Ring and replace with 5-6CC+9IAS, and an ice climber..... you will lose 1 crit, but have lots more money to upgrade others
wow, awesome gear, maybe a Chantodo with socket.
wtf how you have over 800K dps when d progress says 300K unbuff. No suggestions other than maybe swap for LS weapon when u see reflect.
oh, diabloprogress is a bit slow

unbuffed is actually 360k, and the dps on my profile is when i had deepfreeze and buffs on.

and for the reflect np, its not like this is my only build

i go CM build with mp7-mp10, the build im using right now is solely for exp farming mp1-4

I'd suggest... maybe try and snipe a chandos with some CD or socket.
I would. but i need a mempo to stay over 2.73 break...then apoc source cuz i lose 35K dps for more than my whole toon costs..oh and another 500 loh somewhere.:( I think i'm pretty much end game till next nerf where goal will be making spec again. thats all i can afford to do.

Maybe a socket on helm.
^ weapon with LS, amulet with CC CHD int
Relidar. Get a Wizard lol, nice barb
SuperNino get The WItching Hour.

Now, upgrade me! ;D
11/17/2012 07:54 AMPosted by SuperNiño
Relidar. Get a Wizard lol, nice barb

Click the link mate, that is my wizard :)

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