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11/13/2012 11:22 PMPosted by leahzirch
yes, i found this build to be faster than any build on mp 1, and yet i can do uber on mp7 on multiplayer.

even faster than Archon runs? I'd be really interested in seeing a video of your playstyle... I'm genuinely intrigued.
yes, just put bliz hydra on mobs, thats it then move on.
@leahzirch i'd say your gems first, interesting build. just curious, what mp do you usually play at? and 80k elite kills? uhhh lol

Need better gem for the weapon + more res for fire walker

-MP1 and mp7 uber with my friends


Get a res all rare gloves, you lost so much stats with that gloves
hey leahzrich,

good to see you on this forum. haven't played with you for a while. we should do a run again sometime :) wanna see this build of yours.

Regarding this topic, I would say the gems for you. Cheers!
^ int+vit Trium. Or if you're drowning in gold a LS EF
I know.. trying to farm as much as I could. I'm working on it!

omfg... i only have like 1/3 of your dps... and my items and experience are nowhere near yours but i'll try...

A similar Lacuni bracer with AR but yours is already damn good... and maybe your spear stats and dps on a sword for faster aps? Better with more Weapon dmg also...
@ozquickie the pants i guess? change to set?
The belt! ;)
A witching hour with all res would be the best!
Well, I guess upgrade the gloves so that you would also get attack speed
@Zhoth: ur amulet man, tal rasha will be good or just a normal one with better stats 9 ias,10CC
i dont like depth digger so imo go for a normal one with high AR and 2 slots

10% atk speeed chant wand
I'll bite, I need some help with upgrades. I feel like I'm out of cheap upgrade land and I need to plan and save now.


Weapon. Seems like you could get something with the same stats and more damage, or step down to a dagger and get faster attack speed

Better gloves. You'd do better going with high CC/IAS than using a mediocre trifecta even bumping the CD on yours to 50% wouldn't make them perform like 9IAS or 10CC gloves. Only worry about the CD on gloves after you max out IAS and CC.

I'm jealous. You probably need a downgrade instead - to make the game more of a challenge :)

your gloves are only rare and don't have crit damage. I'd go with them.

Looks like you are on the right track. Keep the stats you are going for on all your pieces, just keep upgrading them over time like you probably are already. The only noticable part I would upgrade a bit significantly is your ring situation. Not that they need it that bad, just would be the best start.

About my profile, I have a feeling someone is going to say something about my wand. It was a cheap chantodo that I plan on upgrading very soon to a better chantodo. Was just trying it to see how much as I was going to gain "visually".

You're all speed, so... A little CC would help you a lot.

Upgrading rings plus ammy with IAS/CC (keeping LoH from Ammy) should be OK.

I could be wrong though.

I'd upgrade the boots next. I don't think you're really even done shopping though. Some of your gear is way ahead of the other pieces.

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