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I love PvP !! Here is my idea...

Massive PvP zone. 50 – 100 person cap

Individuals or Groups of 5 can join and are not damaged by group member’s damage / cc.
Killing another player gives NV and their loot inventory can be plundered or their chest (see chest section). Killing players can drop runes (see PvP runes section).

1 *Legendary Blacksmith,
1 *Legendary Jeweler,

*A Legendary Jeweler or Blacksmith of the immortals, who can make 1 incredibly rare pvp jem or weapon / armor every 30 minutes and a lvl 64 legendary item every 15 minutes.

It would aslo be cool if the blacksmith and JC could add a socket to any item once every 2 hours but not beyond the socket limit for that item. All items should have the ability to have at least one socket.

3 instance nodes that open every 5 minutes to new content but must be controlled by only 1 group until that group enters the instance.

All the keywardens (MP 7 – 10) spawn and roam the zone every 15 minutes.

1 (MP 7 – 10) Diablo spawns and roams the zone every 30 minutes, while Diablo is alive he can sometimes summon shadow clones of those unlucky players near to him.

Make it like the 2nd phase of the diablo fight where it has the fog of war. That should add to the excitement and suspense.

It would also be cool to have unique pvp shrines like a stealth radius shrine or a reflect damage shrine.

Think bloodbath...


In another thread someone asked about mounts. I came up with this idea instead...

A magical chest that would pick up everything you flag for it to pick up, to its maximum capacity. Gems, i61 - 63 rares & legendaries. Chests should be very hard to get.

Chests have to be leveled up by the chest gathering loot for "chest exp".

1st level chest = Half the storage as your inventory.

2nd level chest = same storage as your inventory.

3nd level chest = increased pickup radius 10 yards (does not effect health globes) and a second chest inventory tab, half the size of your inventory. Rings, amulets, pages / tomes, quest items and gems only on 2nd tab.

4th level chest = increased pickup radius of the chest to 20 yards. Automatically identifies items it gathers.

5th level chest = 5% chance to lure a new treasure goblin after killing one.

In PvP, chests can have a % chance to explode for 700% of weapon power if opened by a PKer. The % and damage would go up per level of the chest.


PvP Runes

Runes that provide defensive and offensive bonuses against a specific class.
Starts at +1% vs (insert class) each rune upgrade will add another 1% and runes fit in gem sockets. You can only use a rune or gem but not both in one socket.

Crude rune of barbarian slaughter +1% damage +1% defence vs Barbarians

Simple rune 2% / 2%

Crafters rune 3% / 3%

Veterans rune 4% / 4%etc.

This would easily help prevent one class from owning pvp.
Its not WoW man isn't it ?
0.0 heheh if d3 only had a custom game option. :3
Think WoW pvp?
11/13/2012 12:26 PMPosted by PureLaine
Its not WoW man isn't it ?

I have played WoW and the PvP system is quite different from what I am proposing. WoW has far more lore, classes + race combinations, huge pvp maps and various forms of builds compared to Diablo 3.

I see Diablo 3 as a smaller game that will not get the same attention as WoW and certainly will never have the pvp depth.

It would be nice to get gear and gems while doing PvP instead of endlessly farming MPs. With PK’s giving NV it would be possible to loot keys from the high MP keywardens roaming the zone. It would also make diablo more of a role in the game once PvP goes live.

Being able to take loot from people you kill would also add a huge risk / reward scenario that I know I would enjoy.

If the pvp system is just jump in a 2v2 arena I doubt D3 will hold onto many hardcore pvpers. It is too stale and would get boring very quickly. I know it would discourage me from buying any expansion.
They ended up copying Diablo 2's ideas for paragon levels and infernal machine, let's hope they realize they need to do the same for players to be passionate about pvp.

4v4 DM arena as the only option is pure fail and will be received as such.

Plenty of people looking for PvP so I hope Blizz takes note and helps the pvp community grow (once it is released).
I'm for anything that involves larger groups of people. I hate to get all MMO on it, but really the AH should be an in-game area where people can congregate, sell/trade/LFG, etc.

All the big spenders, AKA: folks that keep games alive for the casuals, are avoiding this game (well, 99% of them) because there's no e-peen gear showing. We need more visibility for our toons. And of course integrating PvP into this somehow would be awesome too...but honestly I think we're *still* so far from PvP it's not even funny. Balance? LMAO...omg it'll take them months, just from the point we're at now, to get something remotely workable up and running. Toons aren't even close to being balanced in isolated, single-player, dungeon crawling environments. PvP, with the current builds and market price variance of gear based on class out there? Forget it...

+1 for the OP, but -1 for the feasibility of the idea anytime in 2012...
I doubt we will have PvP before Christmas but I still want to put this out there for consideration, down the road. My Barb is still only in the P40s so I have a ways to go yet. But it would be great to put him over to the public test server when I am too bored of lvling / MP farming. I have been saving most of my found int / dps items for a wizard that I also want to lvl up for pvp.

Right now there seems to be no point in leveling simply to do 2v2 or 4v4 arenas over and over. I have been happy with many parts of D3 but I feel the game lacks incentive. I do not expect a WoW experience and I hope that diablo 3 will be a quicker paced PvP without the need for 20 – 40 + pvp raid groups.

Designing the zone should not be difficult and creating new items, especially with a pvp focus, should not be over taxing. It would be great to see a weapon that gives a bonus to dmg against wizards or barbs or drains resources from your enemy and gives them to you. And gems or runes that can fit in the gem slots and provide resistance bonuses instead of stats.
Bump for PvP
graphics already lag on bridge
11/14/2012 10:59 AMPosted by Jarring
graphics already lag on bridge

That sucks. I generally don't get lag...
WoW man. More than 4 players in same game? Just wow. How to make that happen?

W8, Diablo 2 had around 12 players... Strange... Oh its because of "too much effects" at the same time. lol

And yea, we get less fun.

Open world PvP with at least 20 player smashing each other. Team or FFA would be fun.

5v5 arena... this is no competitive game...
Open world PvP with at least 20 player smashing each other. Team or FFA would be fun.

5v5 arena... this is no competitive game...

It would be better 50 - 100 people imo because it would provide an alternative to mindless grinding...
WoW style pvp would be different to what Diablo players are used to... but it might be a good change... I used to love Alterac Valley PvP...
Dangit I didn't see this thread..

So I made this one..

I like it!
11/28/2012 08:24 AMPosted by MagusHenosis
I like it!


A town where people can gather and form up PvP groups and duel would be great!

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