Enchantress w/ Maximus Vs. Scoundrel w/ WF

Demon Hunter
Personally I've been using Enchantress with Maximus for a very long time and I prefer it because I use Spike Trap as my main source of damage. But I'm somewhat challenged because I gave the Scoundrel a go, put some of my old items + a new WF with high knockback chance and his utility and damage is really quite good. I'm just not sold on the knockback purely because I use Spike Trap. The demon allows for better play style with Spike Trap in my opinion

What do you use and why?
I use the Scoundrel for hit critical hit skills and equip him with the Buriza-Do Kyanon and Star of Azkaranth plus rings that have increased attack speed.

With this setup you can get up to:

20% chance to freeze on hit
80% to pierce through targets
18% increased attack speed

Combine all this with multi-shot and he can't be beaten IMO.
So that's why I see Buriza on peoples' profiles... Pretty decent idea. Ridiculous in price though.
I use a WF with LoH gem and a cold damage SoJ on my Scoundrel for low MP speed farming. For MP8+ key farming I sometimes swap to my Enchantress for the extra armor.
...swap to my Enchantress for the extra armor.

Forgot to add to that, that's another reason why I use her.
Don't overlook the Azurewrath on the Templar as well, he can freeze anything with it to accompany his aoe stun skill and hatred regen. I like him.
11/14/2012 12:15 AMPosted by purePROPHET
Buriza-Do Kyanon

^Buriza on the Scoundrel is amazing; everything turns to ice.
Thanks for the tip on the Star amulet. I looked at freeze ones and they were 20 mil +, so I looked at a stun one and got one with MF for 1 M.

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