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Demon Hunter
So I play my barb most of the time, but I play with my gf who plays a DH. She spends a lot less time theory crafting about builds, etc. I play a tank when we play together (not WW), more fun.

Any ways I was wondering if someone could give me some tips, more in build than gear, but feel free to comment on the gear as well. (just got nats armor with AR and about to pick up the boots)

I am a little confused. How do DH survive/farm efficiently with no LS. I see it all the time on DH. Double socket manti TONs of DPS and no life regen. I have trouble imagining that they really melt mp5 that fast (especially RD).
I have seen before that DH can keep gloom up almost indefinitely (a Huge AHHH moment). But I have really only seen it done well with Legacy Nats (out of the question).

I tried night stalker, but don't know the proc on it. It seems she doesn't crit enough for it too work. (I know i need better rings and ammy)

Any ways... Open to suggestions and comments on Gear or build. I do want survivability tho, so LS somewhere (or LoH, but don't know how well that works on DH). If you post a build let me know how it works.

For instance, there is a transition for LoH to LS for certain DPS or below a certain crit chance a build is not sustainable.

And if you were curious about the character names, they are all elements. We are chemists.
its called shadow power- gloom for sustaint.
15% LS with 35% dmg reduction.

if you have discipline problems use multishot-supression fire. (30 hatred, 1 disc per enemy hit)
using this allows u to have almost unlimited gloom uptime.

instead of caltrops, use entangling shot-chain gang. does more dmg, not area restricted and reduces disc usage.

use perfectionist instead of night stalker if you do use multishot-supression fire.

the highest proc rate for nightstalker according to some DH here is hungering arrow cinder arrow.

as for gear....
your dead mans legacy is..... only 13%
you could do better with a 15% ias yellow get maybe +disc and 9% crit while keeping same dex.

stacking %life is only viable over extra vit when vit is 1000+.

also... try to replace instances of ias on your items with cc/cd as being a bow user ias is NOT that important. if you wanted more IAS theres lots of room for improvement on your quiver. that can max out at 20%.
and you can get bows that start at 550 wpn dmg
(i used a 550-1100 bow with sock+CD i bought for 8M for the longest time until i was rdy for the xbow i have now)

try to get a 450-1300 ish bow.
Thank you!

I will try that out. I didn't intentionally stack %Life it just kinda happened. Good point on the quiver I hadn't thought about it (also why that one was cheap).

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