Windforce Knockback complaints

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So I've started hellfire ring farming. I've made three so far and grouped three times. Every group I've entered someone has asked if I can turn off the knockback which of course with Windforce I can't. I had a CM wizard basically complain that it negates the point of having him in group with the knockback.

So I went and blew 30M on a Manticore and gem for situations like these. Kind of interesting I was able to pickup a Manticore with life on hit and slightly higher dps for 20M when my Windforce cost me 140M heh.

So my question is, what do other Windforce users do in groups? Do you use a different weapon? Do you tell people to suck it? How do you respond to the complaints? I even offered to leave group, but the rest of the members didn't mind.
I use a windforce when I solo and manticore when I am in a group.

Even though my manticore gives me 30k more DPS my survivability with the windforce is a lot better.

I also switch my hatred generator from bola shot when using manticore to entangling when using windforce.
I've yet to have anyone in group complain about the knockback from my Windforce, but I don't have a spare weapon to switch into, so they'll have to deal with it.
Merlin I farm with two other DH, Cashmonay and Michael and they both are Manty users so I'm there for crowd control while they dps. We do key runs mp 7-8 and ubers 8-9 so hit me up if you want to jump in, no one complains when it's all DH's. But I find if people are !@#$%y use the Stun Bola as your hatred generator the stun holds them in place and doesn't kb as much as say entangling or cinder.
not surprising ... especially if playing with melee players ... it "moves them" and can end up chasing some down as they keep getting pushed more and more especially when you can't dps them down super quick.

my Scoundrel has windforce and it is a good/bad thing with the knockback. sometimes I lay traps and they get knocked off of the traps before they blow up. Knockback is good for range players but not as good for the melee to have to deal with knockback.

I prefer not to use knockback at all from a playing perspective. Tried Manti ..... now calamity and probably stick with calamity bows till something better comes out down the road.
Let's trade Windforces! Mine has 10% less knockback! :P

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