Wanted: Class Specific Trading Forum

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Wow. Ahahahaha, someone deleted it!
hahaha i think you caught their attention when you posted it in the general discussion, well done!
Just made another post asking what we can do to help them. Hopefully they will give us a definitive answer.
11/14/2012 09:01 PMPosted by BlueFire
+1, but while we wait, i dont mind the WTS thread. its more convienient dans the chaotic trade forums

There are several threads on the first page getting pushed down because of WTS threads. It's so dumb.

Why is this thread getting pushed down? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006898380

What about Nubtro's Sprint/Whirlwind thread? That's one of the most important works done for the Barbarian class. I wonder how many people post questions about attack speed's relations to tornado damage each day.
Not really seeing as many trade threads right now, coincidence, or.....
Bump for public awareness anyway.
Bump for awareness
Bunch 'o scrubs.
Sticky requested
Thread was restarted in general forum. trying to get attention from all classes for this.
please go bump that one.
Up again!! whoop! ,l,, Kuhlle and his slow time!!!
People are still going to spam here even if they make a class specific trading forum
I would like class specific trading forums as well. I'm tired of my threads being deleted when I try to sell items to their specific classes
Sticky requested, do it bliz!

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