WTT my SC gold for HC gold.

Ok First up, im posting this for a freind, who cant use the forums for some reason like this
"You cannot access this thread becouse your game lisence is expired or cancelld"

Add: djbubblegum#1786
So 30 mill SC gold for 8 mill HC gold
willing to trade first to vouch'd for person
After comming back to diablo 3 since patch 1.3 and blasting thrue all of inferno with gear
that i coulden't finish act 2 with back then, i didn't feel any achievement at all, so! i would like to join the hardcore community, and hoping to trade my gold for a little headstart.

Any replys would be much much appreciated.

Also if you want to add any info or tips on what i should expect from HC that would be nice.

will not be playing barb....play'd it to death, playing monk(new) any info would be nice.

Question, other than dieing is permanant, as far as dificulty go's is it the same as SC or...
does HC have a diffrent handicap?

Thanks all in advance.

PS: please reply here and i can pass it on or add the above battletag I.D. for direct contact.
Hi there i hv 7mil hc gold to trade with sc gold.. im mainly a monk guy n has reached lvl 60 inferno in act 2 b4 dying a stupid death. altho im nowhere among the best, but am sure i could share some thoughts with u in building a monk in hc. u can add me knne#1189 tq.
Hi i have 7.5m HC gold add me on agro#1883 im online all the time cheers

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