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Hi I purchased the hellfire recipe and placed it in the crafter and that was yesterday and now it seems to be gone! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Look for it in the Weapon tab under 'P' I think? Not at home right to check.
Its a jeweller recipe, so check there? Not sure how it could disappear, not even sure if you can drop the recipe.
I know i placed it in who ever but now it seems to be gone......
JUst rechecked both and nothing.
If you craft the recipe then it will disappear so you'll probably find you have, just try looking a little harder, heh.
i'm bored of working.
I'm still farming to get my achievement: Get to the end of the working day.

Not long to go but the boss fights I'm encountering are terrible.
The plan does, not the recipe :)
there is always some idiot around and Ryhza tonight it is you, I am not scamming and I purchased it for 100k and put it where ever I know I do not have the money not asking about that all I wanted to know is really if anyone else has had it go missing.
ps I have played di since the first one with the dupe hack and godly hack ...never cheated then and not now!

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