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If you haven't noticed before "Gold Farming' is something people are using more fequently. Due to high markets in the ah and greedy people. There are hundreds of items worth 100 million plus. Yet "BLIZZARD" does nothing about this. I can list many sites that exploits blizzards terms and agreements. They sell gold for money. Isn't this considered 'Gold Farmers'?

Google Diablo 3 gold or Diablo 3 gold farmers for example, you will find

About 25,700,000 results (0.20 seconds) for Diablo 3 gold

Sites like:

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  • I can go on and on blizzard ... my point is you say you do not support hacks and gold farming ... but yet I just googled something and showed you how many sites are breaking ur rules.

    What are you going to do about it ... Ban these accounts who give 50m gold or more. Make a button to report these gold farmers. So that people in Blizzard can investigate. Then the RMAH gold will make you more money. Gold farming should only be "Bought through Blizzard" simply because you are allowing people to sell gold on your site for real money. For these gold farming sites ... ban them all for selling online. Change your rules saying if you are caught selling gold online your account will be banned.
    Blizzard makes money from all the accounts they sell, botter or not. As long as they get money, they don't care.
    I can imagine now Blizz creating a crack team of professionals who pose as buyers, log who is dealing all this gold and then silently banning them.

    Although then again it is sites like these that drum up traffic for D3 so...
    my point exactly ... even blizzard exploits their own rules ... Yet blizzard doesn't do anything but let people know accounts have been banned ... The last post from blizzard was "Accounts banned for using 3rd party programs" Seen these posts before ... BLizzard how about banning these sites that sell gold.

    Blizzard I realize you make money from these sites but enough is enough stop supporting gold farmers. If you want to stop hacks and cheats on your game. "THIS IS THE BIGGEST CHEAT/ HACK IN YOUR GAME!"

    This is considered cheating ... any way you look at it. It breaks all terms and conditions of your rules. So follow through with banning. Show that your capable of taking out these websites for the gamers.
    I agree with your first part! Make secret buyers. Whom ever comes and gives them gold claim you never got your items. Mark down that username and ban them. I dont care if they have 1 to 10 characters gear or not geared.

    They did a service and gave you gold for your money. This breaks the terms and agreement when you agree to play the game! So they should get banned !!!!!

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