need tips for soloing ubers

I can kill both ghom and magdha pairs but for the life of me can't deal with kulle/siegebreaker. Anyone got tips for dealing with this pair? I usually farm mp8 so I know it's not power I lack, I just can't get a handle on strategy for dealnig with the slow domes from kulle before fatboy gets hold of me.
Sorry Cree, but I'm just posting here to see the responses you get. I'm having the same problem on mp7.
I don't think I can solo Kule/Siege on MP8. Never tried it, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to beat the enrage or even survive for that long. Farming on MP8, that's another issue. Easy, but not efficient. I farm on MP5. For ubers, I usually try to find a party and go as high MPlvl as the party can handle. Never bellow MP5-6 though. Not worth it IMO.

I tried carrying a tank friend (20kDPS) last night on MP7 and we hit enrage on several attempts on the Kule/Siege fight. Had to call a super geared plvl 92 barb on my friends list to help us, otherwise we would have wasted that machine.

EDIT: BTW, what you see in my profile now is my farming build. Battle Rage not active. The build I was using while trying to carry my friend was:!ZeY!YZcYcZ
Solo'ed mp 8 über.

Have to say kulle / sb is on another extreme level compare to the other 2.

I took 4 tries , including a respec and refresh of 5 Nv to down it,
Instead of attacking kulle first, I change strategy to attack sb, and it works
Is your profile gear showing up correctly? Your all resist is so low. Adding 250 AR at the expense of some STR and VIT would make your gameplay much more comfortable at all levels.

SB/ZK are nasty. Sometimes you get the perfect storm of damage, where you're below max HP and then SB grabs you while ZK drops rocks and you and hits you with a twister. I don't think you will ever be able to tank that at MP8 unless you spend a billion gold. Two builds that work well for me are the one you see in my profile, or doing WW with Weap Throw - Throwing Hammer as primary attack. The latter requires a -5 weap throw belt and some practice, but when it works it is great.
(Edit, the skills in my profile may not be up to date. I use Bash - Punish, HotA - Smash, BR - ITF, Rend - BL, OP - CA, and WotB - ToC)

You also need to ditch Insanity and use Thrive on Chaos for WotB. You can't survive unless you're constantly hitting something and stealing life. SB knocks you back all the time and makes you very vulnerable when you don't have WotB up. Either of the builds above give you permanent WotB (with a little luck.) Your crit chance is a bit low but I think it's enough for permanent WotB.
^Vee-nice explaination. It's definitley that 'perfect storm' of damage thats killing me. The details you've seen in my prfo is my mp8 solo kit, wearing most of my MF gear (hence the MF gem in the helm), for serious or 4 player party there's another 350 AR sitting in my stash which I was wearing the last time i tried the solo-ubers run. I don't find I miss the perma-wrath, I've tried builds with ITTF-Thrive and they're just not as efficient at killing elites, losing 50-75K damage changes the way it plays too much away from what I'm normally doing that my gear doesn't support it the same way. Most elite mobs are 1 cycle of wrath, with champions taking a touch longer (excluding scatter mobs in open spaces). I'm relying on my belt and blood lust/blood thirst to stabilise me and the additional constant LS from Skorn bleed means the AR can be pretty low. I've tried mixing in HoTA and SS and dropping a def skill which was heapsa fun until you one shot yourself against RD with SS! Weaponthrow seems like the next try to give some strategic variance to my play.

If my max dps is 161k and max life 57k and AR 600 what are the minimums for playing MP10? I can't get a handle on how the balance between vit-ar works and things like Hell basher elites or hulking phasebeast elites just 1 shot me :(

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