Looking to buy whole dh set

Demon Hunter

I am getting abit bored with WW barb and thought I would give a demon hunter ago. Ive noticed alot of DH's are quiting / selling their gear so if you have a set leave a message here or hit me up in game with a price in the friend add. I am looking to spend anywhere from 100mil upto 500mil if the right set comes along. I am not looking for a 0 all res die 1 hit set that has 200k+ dps with SS on so please dont offer that.

Take alook at mine. Selling as a whole...

Either my DH or WD
Price on DH?
11/13/2012 10:45 PMPosted by Fadey
Price on DH?

Right now I'm looking for offers. So if interested, let me know what you are willing to pay.

If you decide on a price you want let me know on here or in game I am watching a few sets atm and I dont want to leave offers with people at the moment.
Add me up..can build you a decent set which can farm mp6/7 spending less than 200mil
200m for my set its good all res 40k life items work with eachother.
@ Sebz.. if its anything like what you have now I don't think 200mil is even enough LOL
i at 175kDPS w/o SS with 350-400AR & 40kHp

my profile not updated with the usual ring i using

bin 450mil

add Winszs#1747 if interested
Thanks will talk to some of u ingame , still looking :).
Heading to bed in an hour if anyone still wants to discuss selling a set.
Please I sell all my gear, trying to quit Diablo for the past month. HMU

I will include all gems, stash items with your purchase. I prefer PayPal...and not IGG
I am selling my set at 550mil. It has MF gears and is still upgradable to range 230-250k dmg. I am now sitting somewhere 190-200++dmg with WindForce. I can cruise to mp5 easily. Uber at MP8.

Let me know if you are interested.
Oh ya forgotten....when i said mf gears, you will be happy picking up legendaries as you progress. It got some gold find too.

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