I don't understand this character

Witch Doctor
I have zombie dogs so I can sit back but yet I have to be close to use my zombie bears.
My zombie bears cannot go through waller neither can poison cloud.
Other skills such as big bad voodoo and soul harvest require me to be 4 inches away from target yet it is not a tank style class? or is it?

I am failing to understand how to fight bosses considering a lot of them have waller/emulsion(cannot remember it they shoot firewalls) and often times another prefix that makes it so you cannot stand near them such as molten.

I like the bears when they do work and Buffed I can hit 250k damage but man I'm confused here.
This isn't like in D2 necromancer where your minions do basically all the work for you and you just follow them around. Your pets only really serve as tanks or diversions and you have to do the majority of the damage (80%+). If you're hanging out with your pets in the middle of monsters, you will be attacked. Just not as much as if you were alone. This is true if you decide to play melee style or "ranged" style.

If you want to do more ranged attacks (less resist and hp, but not glassy), then you use acid cloud while your pets keep the enemies at a safe distance. You obviously won't get too much benefit from bbv. You will need to run in to do a soul harvest, though. You just hope the damage to you during that timeframe is minimized by enemies' distraction from your pets.

If you play a melee style, resist and hp are to be buffed more strongly. This is the bears build. That's why bears naturally do more damage than acid (since you're sacrificing int for vit and AR). You will always be in the midst of enemies along with your pets. Using harvest is easier here and you get more benefits from BBV (again, because melee is a riskier way to play).

You will always need some base level of resist and HP to survive, and to keep your pets alive too (pets get benefit from your hp and resist). Something like 500 resist and 30k hp is minimum for acid build. 650 resist and 45k hp is minimum for bears build. Those numbers are my opinion, btw.
I'm sitting on 93k unbuffed dps with 25k life and 700 resist.
So if I am going to use bears I should not bother with acid cloud I take it.
Hopefully I can find a worthwhile replacement for it.
I've seen only a few people do both bears and acid hybrid, but the problem is both are heavy mana consumers, so it doesn't really make as much sense when you can stick with one as your primary damage dealer. A lot of people use rain of toads as a secondary for when they're stuck behind a wall (it works over wallers), or if a bear user is stuck far away (because of jailer or avoiding arcane, etc). It also costs basically 0 mana.

Either way, you need way more ehp to support any build. You will see a huge difference in survivability just getting up to 35k hp.
Soul harvest -> well of souls
That sounds good. I also realized I am low on armor.
Going to test out rain of toads. Good thing for me is I have a high amount of life leech
when the bears are working properly. and zuni set is keepin my mana up. so long as monsters are around to kill.

Rain of toads is awesome thanks for the tip :)
If u dont like zombie bears, don't use it. It's that simple, there are plenty of viable build out there for WD. If u hate waller for example, RoT can shoot through it. Another close range spell that can penetrate wall is firebats, you can use the plague bats rune, and wall shouldn't be a problem anymore
Yep I'm doing good with with RoT now I only need bears to kill elites fast I can kill everything in 1 hit with fire bomb and Rot otherwise only on mp1 though. going to get more armor and hp before increasing.
u don't have spirit walk on ur skill bar... put it on, it is the mandatory skill for all wds.

you don't need 3 dmg skills, fire bomb, bears, acid, pick 2.

at ur hp, u need pets to tank and mitigate dmg for you while you sit back and dps.

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