Nightstalker proctacular?

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Gang, can I get some feedback from Nightstalker users. I did some napkin math with my current gear at 57% crit chance and 1.57 attacks per second, using 30% proc chance of 1 disc per crit, and I think I only get an average of 27-28 disc per 100 seconds. That's not a great return, effectively amounting to 2 extra glooms over 100 seconds.

In other words, if my terribad maths are correct, I get 10 seconds of fair dmg reduction and lifesteal or Steady Aim's fairly constant 20% dmg since I do a LOT of run n gun kiting.

I see a lot of folks swearing by Nightstalker, but I am not seeing it being that effective. 20% dps+ maybe 75% of the time might sound like it's straight out of Anchorman, but that's my rough estimate for how easy it is to keep baddies away from my low ehp/low dps @ss.

What are your thoughts?

Mono, I assume this napkin math was taking into account only one mob? If so, it won't be very often that you're fighting one mob for very long(unless in high mp's in which case I'd assume you'd have more attack speed for more crit generation). For the most part you are getting a lot more crits than that from the aoe.
I use bola + volatile explosives as my primary attack. This has a 20 yard explosion where i can also get crits. Against groups of mobs this gets me to regen pretty quickly. I also use strafe + rocket storm, while this is my secondary attack, I use it far more than I do bola. Even though it doesn't do as much damage as bola would, I am able to regen all of my discipline before I run out of hatred while in combat.

You are going to see more and faster discipline regen when you use AoE vs a single target attack (obviously, more chance of getting crits). However depending on the damage of your AoE attack this may or maynot work as well for you as you will run out of things to crit on.

We have similar CC and i proc pretty good never really have any issues with Disc.
Nightstalker's proc is too low, you wont get enough Disc out of it.

I have tried it with max CC possible (75%) and it wont give me enough Disc to sustain Strafe (ie, converting Disc to Hatred while Strafing). The only way I get to make it work is when I used Strafe-grenades; grenades do splash damage and therefore each attack does multiple attack on its own. But once the herd is thinned down to just 1-2 targets, I am not getting Disc fast enough.

Nightstalker therefore is not reliable a skill. Legacy Nat is the only thing that can generate Disc fast enough. And if you still want to generate Disc without Nat, better use Multishot Suppression instead. There is another attack skill that generates Disc - Bola-BitterPill? but I havent used it extensively....
Excellent, that's definitely on the right track with regard to the aoe crits and procs. I didn't take into account the aoe, the double hits of EA-BL and the spray for HA. Glad you guys caught that; I knew I was missing something important. That's great info, many thanks.

I am finding it's not a rubbish passive, but it's not the discipline wellspring I was hoping for. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a DML similar to mine for EA but with solid disc on it, but they are often pricier than I can afford. @ Ragna, I did like MS-supp, but found BL more hatred efficient, especially in terms or room clearing range, despite liking the disc regen from MS.

Thx to all who responded, that definitely helps. =)

you can get 78% crit min if u have max crit and put on sharpshooter ;)

if you change to bola as your primary attack you can use that disc generating rune.
i think it's 15% chance to gen +2 disc per shot.
i personally use HA with cinder for higher proc rate. also the extra spray from ha doesn't proc.

i like perfectionist with vengeance over nightstalker with vengeance. it feels like i can get more out of it. because if there's low concentration of mobs, i'm not getting many globes and i wouldn't be getting much regen from nightstalker anyways but i am saving on disc costs.
I use Nightstalker, and my gear is awful compared to most posters on these forums, and I have absolutely no problem perma Glooming in my build. I also have a Rapid Fire Build, and have no problem perma glooming in that. With my Strafe Build, I run out of hatred, because I'm at the mercy of globes spawning from mobs, but Discipline has never been an issue, and my crit is nowhere near 57%

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