Vile Ward 170Dex 70Vit 20MF

Demon Hunter
I'm really short on gold and was wondering what I can get out of this?

Dex isn't really that high since vile wards can roll up to 300 but it has a nice vit roll and max MF roll.

Searched for similar items on the AH and found two which had slightly higher dex(180 and 190). One was put up for 85m buyout and the other at 50m starting, no buyout.

I think it's way overpriced. If anyone's interested, just make an offer.

Start Bid: 10m
i bought mine about 1.5 months ago for just over 17mil.
i took it off AH twice now.... wouldnt even sell for a 5mil BIN.

i give the market 1-2 mons to be completely saturated and 99% of the items worthless. :o

gl with sale tho.
Theres actually only 2 other vile wards that have close stats to this one.
It has vit and a perfect MF roll.

Given the dex isnt that high of a roll, i think the vit and MF makes up for it.
life % is better then vit, just for your reference. mine was 30m b/o 1 mth ago. i don't mind to have 3% less MF if 20% MF need 2-3x more price.

i think your will sell around my price.

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