Horrible latency. I mean...horrible.

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I live in China and connect to the US servers to play. Now before you go off on me about how its my ISP's fault, thats partway through. But here is what I do know. There are times of day when I can achieve around 300MS latency (which is amazing for me). I love seeing that yellow bar and when I see a green bar I struggle to not take a screenshot and post it on facebook.

Anyhow, here is what's happening. I'll join a game with friends and everything is pretty good for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds I start to slowly travel through time on my screen while my internet counterpart monk continues on in real time with the rest of my gang.

What's been happening is that I'll be DPSing a rare pack or uber boss. I type something like "What %?" and I get a hearty "20% reply". I audibly gasp since the uber boss on my screen is actually at 70% with everyone dpsing at a low FPS. After my compadres inform me via in game chat that the boss is dead I get to sit and watch a movie of my monk standing there while on my screen the boss is at 60% hp and it takes like 8 minutes for him to reach 0. Meanwhile, my friends get to watch my just stand their punching air or just standing around, waiting for the boss to die and to get my loot.

Also, if I press a skill, like breath of heaven, to refresh my dps buff, I won't see it on the screen until about 2 minutes later. After the boss dies I seem to travel back in time to the real world until about 10 seconds after we engage another pack or boss. This makes it nigh impossible to play the game and is extremely frustrating, especially when group members are yelling at me for standing in poison or arcane beams because I can't even see them yet.

On a lesser scale when my latency is just semi-horrible I will rubber band about 8 times when trying to move during a boss fight or champ pack. Literally 8 times. This makes moving around in fights that require mobility just about impossible.

The chat has almost no latency, at least not the several minute lag that my gameplay has.

I've had to resort to wearing "lag gear" which involves wearing a lot of LOH and wearing a shield and doing not so much dps -_-

What gives?

Edit: During the period from the inception of patch 1.05 to 1.05a (or whatever this most recent patch was on Tues) I experienced excellent latency, being able to group with up to 3 other people with no problem, both pulling my weight in groups and not dying very often. This leads me to believe that it's not really my ISP, unless it's an odd coincidence, which I doubt.
Anyone have anything similar happen? Any thoughts?
I uploaded a youtube video overnight of what it looks like when i play.


lol same issue here in beijing. :)
i didn't read the whole thing, i have a mid term tomorrow morning and it's 11pm here..

but, i have constant lag as well, i live in Kuwait, and connect to the US server.
my lag isn't as bad as yours, but the game can be frustrating to a point where i just quit the game. Then a little while later, i miss it so much that i go back and play it again, and then the lag gets me to quit again, and so on and so forth..

i don't think it's my ISP as well, i use www.SpeedTest.net to see my PING, download and upload speed. they're good enough to play the game without any lag..

it's not my computer as well i believe, i think i meet the recommended requirements..

so, what's causing this hateful lag amongst us gamers??

it's really starting to become a mystery...

my lag gets to be as bad as me dying 20 yards behind me on a stream of molten on the ground from an elite pack.. i was suppose to be ahead of the elite pack, but according to the lag, im still back there..

i really just wish Blizzard would help people and players and gamers like us with these issues..

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