Underwhelming Legendary Pings/Sound and Fix.

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I don't like this suggestion. They've already taken steps that make a significant difference when legendary items drop; where does it end? Why don't they force an auto-loot system when legendaries drop? Maybe the should just scrap dropping items altogether, and have a nice spreadsheet pop-up listing the items nearby when you hit alt? Perhaps they should send an email, a text, an in game message, and post to your Facebook wall when one drops?

If you're that worried about missing something, it might not be a bad idea to go back through and check your loot. If you don't think its worth the lost exp, then don't do it. In Diablo 2, it was much more difficult to differentiate between unique and rares (especially in Windowed mode) but people still managed to recognize them. Heaven forbid you ever have to decide between maximizing your leveling speed, or making money.

Seriously, out of all the complains I've seen, this has to be the dumbest "I'm in too much of a hurry to check my loot, so I miss good items. Please help!" Maybe the best solution is to slow down?

Try playing D2:LOD.

Perhaps you should take the time to actually LOOK at your drops. Blizzard has already taken steps to make legendary and sets drops much more noticable. In what game do the developers make a particular loot much more noticable than others?

Blizzard's job is to provide customers a game that they would play as well as provide customer service to fix any bugs, exploits, or malicious activities within the game.

Game is working as intended.

It's like drivers wanting the highway exit signs to be in bright, neon lights.
Try playing D2:LOD.

In what game do the developers make a particular loot much more noticable than others?

Diablo III.
Good idea!
Specially the ever lasting mini map ping thing...

I also have a suggestion. The treasure goblin should pick up all legendaries you miss (he always want the best and most shiny things right?).
I also think he should pick up the 3 highest level rare items/most valueble that you miss, but if you miss a legendary that would be one of those 3 items.
I agree you hit on two problems that should be fixed. Not sure I like your solution for sound so much -- but I agree it it needs to be adjusted somehow. And I agree the minimap ping should be permanent until the item is picked up.

An over-the-top alert, similar to what you get when you obtain another paragon level, would be pretty fun. Remember those stupid He-Man or Thundercat cartoons back in the day? They would go to the same cut scene of the guy playing around with his sword. How about an image like that (not an interrupting cinematic). Or how about "copying and pasting" an image of Arnie's scene when he first find's his sword in Conan the Barbarian?
Not surprised its a barb fart cannon talking.
About the ping on mini-map.

I would like to see..

A. Other color, because its the same as a banner.

B. Make it just a colored dot, and if we travel further away, the mini-map will show us an arrow in the direction the legendary drop can be found.

About the sound

The sound in ambient is kinda weird. Why not make it a toggle button with its own volume setting? It could also be about goblins, gold and gem drops. Name it simply "drop volume" or "loot volume".
Does your mommy still hold your hand when you cross the street?
Please keep this thread alive so blizzard is aware of the issues we currently have, and hopefully they can make it even nicer for us in the future!

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6934955820#6 :)

(Your sound suggestion is also noted!)

I would caution you to investigate if you truly want players to be spoon fed drop information that are flying through content as quickly and recklessly as they can. I would say this is a situation where if you are killing as fast as possible you run the increased risk of simply missing some drops. I would call this a classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too.
Why not just have the entire screen explode with the illuminating flames of a thousand dying suns when a legendary drops? Seriously folks, if you can't notice a giant beacon of light and a super distinct sound, I'm not sure how you manage to farm fast enough that you can't spend a quarter second to press control and look for a bright color. There's enough going on the screen and enough obnoxiousness that just don't need to be there if the players could be bothered to open their eyes.
11/02/2012 10:25 AMPosted by Replay
slow down and enjoy the game.
Jaster, the illuminating flames of a thousand dying suns would be a cool solution too.
As a Whirlwind Barbarian who spends most of the time sprinting, and letting mobs get killed off by tornado's off-screen, a simple text alert in the chat box would be helpful.
11/02/2012 10:24 AMPosted by bruteMax
Blizzard's policy with D3 is to introduce things half-baked, then address the shortcomings in patches they term "free content".

The truth...it hurts.
I turned the in-game music volume much lower than the sound effects so that I can be sure to hear the legendary drop sound when it happens.

With the music at the same volume, it's not hard to miss it.
it is already very noticeable. I don't see anymore changes needed to it, even for a sprinting barb.
11/03/2012 12:17 AMPosted by njkk
Need a voice saying turn around dumbass you dropped a legendary.


Looks like people are only satisfied if there is an auto pick up option for legendaries...

I think it's fine how it is now!
have only noticed the beam of light. Think the OP of makin the minimap icon permanent till picked up will sort things out for good :)
remove the ping, and the beam..
you want to farm exp fast.. you do that on expence of getting less gears due to not noticing

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