Diablo 2 ladder reset

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Just curious,
1) when will the patching start/be finished
2) Will you be playing?
3) What is the best char to play at start, I hear meteorb and summoner a lot but they
do not seem playable until they actually get their fundamental skills, and I cant imagine
a sorc spamming teleport early on due to low mana pool/slow mana regen.
4) What is the "standard" level range of "decent" players, something which isn't too noob but
not too crazy, something that is stable but difference between it and end-setup is not very
5) What should I practice before the reset happens?
patch is tomorrow, guessing before 9am pst. its a 6 hour patch.

prolly gonna make 2 chars.

i like both you mentioned. also good to have a pally in the mix at start.

id say around 70 for most classes is when end game really kicks off. everything before that, especially from my experience, is spent getting ready for after lvl 70.

l2bot (joke). try learning low lvl best practices for each class. learn which rw's you want to work on getting. learn where is best to farm specific items you want. plan out your tree now (though you can respec if you screw up).

im fairly excited for the reset. d2 is kinda primitive these days, but its still a solid game imo.
and I cant imaginea sorc spamming teleport early on due to low mana pool/slow mana regen.

Light sorc all the way with frozen orb farms faster then any pally could dream of. Items like lidless or spirit sheild help but you can use points in mana early on then respec with the den of evil quest reward.

11/05/2012 01:33 PMPosted by AToN
d2 is kinda primitive these days

not compared to D3 lol
11/05/2012 01:41 PMPosted by iwonsch
not compared to D3 lol

I don't think you know what primitive means. To say D3 is more primitive than D2, is hilarious at best. D3 was streamlined. Some like it, some don't. Time to get over it, chief.
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