Why do you play Diablo 3?

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Why do you play?
Let's keep this a positive thread and not belittle anyone for their reasons.

I play the game to have fun and unwind at the end of the day.

Since I don't allow quick join, I can play alone and "pause" the game when I need to stop to help my Wife with something or my 7 month old son wakes up, needs to be fed, or needs to be changed. This game is great for parents to play when they get a free moment.

I also get to play with some of the friends that I have made playing other games and keep in touch with them.

I've enjoyed the Diablo franchise since the original and actually played through 1 and 2 again just before 3 came out so I could get a story refresh. It's a great story line and it is still very enjoyable to play.

I enjoy it for what it is, a game.
I too have been playing it since the beginning of the series, back in high school. D1 was awesome. D2, great follow up and sequel, great multiplayer. Both definitely had me wanting to play as ALL the characters to try them all out, see which ones I liked better or worse. For me, endgame was all about maxing out a character of every class. D1 and D2, come close but still so far away. D3, working hard on it, got a long way to go...

But ultimately, it's a fun grind, fun farm...easy to pick up and put down whenever I can put time into it, and I don't feel I need to rush through. Lots of people feel the AH is necessary, but as I've seen with my Monk and WD lately, that is far from the truth.

All in all, I like the profiles and the fact that literally ALL my progress as I play is recorded. I hated in D2 that I could put a ton of time into a character, only to see it fail and have to start over, with absolutely no record of how long I've played for, monster kills, elite kills, boss kills, gold picked up, nothing like that. Achievements are kinda fluff, but I like that in D3, it records that to show how much effort I've really put in.

It's a fun game, and if you don't magic bullet yourself through it with help from the AH, you have a game that can keep you busy for a good long while.
Sadly, to make money off the Auction House. The game is pretty boring. Actually really boring. Not trying to be negative. I hope they add the content it needs.

Gameplay/UI/Graphics: A+

Content/Character Progression/Character attachment: D
I like the action and possibility of finding high value drops. Although I don't intend to make money off the auction house, I would like to obtain a good amount of gold for myself which would be useful for all of my toons.

The thing I wish they would do away with is the Nephilim armor concept. It makes it so you can't log in and out for short term play, and keeps you locked down at your computer for too long. They might want to keep the buff for 24 hours or something even if you log off, so that the play style can be more casual.
Because it's fun.

Heresy, I know.

You forgot about the
and not belittle anyone for their reasons.

Why do you play?
I play this game because I really enjoy it.

I played D1 and D2/LOD (and several D2 mods) for years. Still play D2/LOD Median XL and Ancestral Recall mods to this day.

I have cut back my hours though, because I now have 5 characters in inferno, and it's starting to turn into a grind for more money and better gear - daily grind - and I can do without that. I play about 4-5 hours every day.

I also play BL2 during the day, and this FPS is a nice switch from D3.
To solo everything on MP10 without the need of any gear.
Because I enjoy it.

I guess I should mention that I play at work between "work stuff". Better then drooling over brain dead Facebook post or reading news articles.
Helps with my insomnia.
From day 1 I was very critical of this game and the people behind it (in fact I uninstalled this game 3 times).

Came back for the new patch and for some reason I find myself playing this game again, granted I turn off the game sounds and substitute my music playlists but I must say it's a great time waster.

And if I get bored I'll fall back until they release more updates.

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