Monster health bar bug?

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So last few runs ive noticed fresh monster packs missing some health as if they have already been hit once or twice. And this is not due to any sorrounding fire damage etc like we might see in Creater levels. Im talking almost every single fresh trash mob i come across has health missing.

Anyone else experiencing this??

Can Blizzard comment on this?
Yep, happened to me too.
Yeah, some people already made a post on the bug report forum. It's almost all foes, seen it in at 1 and act 3 yesterday.
also since ive seen this health bar bug i have done about 7 runs and only found 1 legendary. Usually i find 1-2 per run. Im sure the 2 arnt linked but its just weird.....
Since health bars are not displayed until a monster takes damage it's very evident that mobs are damaged before you get to them. I did a shadow realm run and now can really see every mob now - where before they would have to be on top of me before I saw them.

The cause of this may be from the zoom hack blizzard probably patched yesterday if you read the front page of the website.
I noticed this too since yesterday, playing hc EU region, today still exist im on nightmare act 1 atm, but almost all monsters got damaged hp bars whitout i hit them.
I noticed this lately too.
It's not traps of some sort?

<- Not sure if mobs takes damage from traps or can set them off.
Its funny when i came across to a goblin, he was standing right in front of the fire-blowing thingy in act 3 crater, then got hit and escape without me doing anything aside from me just standing there.
Oh wow, so it isn't just me...

I just the other day picked up a Storm Crow when this started happening and I thought the orbs it casts were just going off and hitting things without me paying attention, it was the only explanation I could think of, but a lot more mobs had reduced health than it seems they should have. I guess I'm not crazy and this is definitely something going wrong.
Have to agree seen this a lot since the last down time. Just another time Blizz messes with code and dose not say any thing or denies they have changed any thing.
<----- Noticed same thing.
Legendary drop rate affected with this bug? After noticing this bug, farmed 8 paragon levels 10-18, 0 legendaries on that time.

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