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und mp3-5 i have to drop core of areat and tower of damned due to too low mob density to sustain archon.. but the only thing i get from higher mps is a !@#$load of crap rares... so i run mp0-2 for "profit"

What profit, I get 4k gold drops on higher mp
I actually farm in mp5 without any issues I mostly farm in act 3 machines of war quest
Yah I'm sure you're farming mp10 in nightmare.
try echoing blast, put the traps 10 yards in-front of you in a line, depending how the enemies approach you ofcourse, best time to place your traps is when you fire your first shot.

Echoing blast is really effective against elites champs, you can kill quicker if you get use to it.
I farm MP7 solo with Enchantress Act 4 full clear in 1.5 hrs. :)
DH needs either TOC back to at least 800 weapon damage, or a hatred on crit ability...
I can do MP5-6 without any problems and not dying. But i cannot see any purpose to do that because alkaizer runs on mp1-2 are more efficient.
I rather want to kill elites in 5-10 seconds than 50-60. It is pointless to play on higher MP if you are not seeking keys.

For exp and cash - MP1, max MP2. Faster kills are better than slower kills with higher MF and chance to drop additional item.

Blizzard - its up to you to buff higher monster powers. If I can do well at ex. MP6, why I have to farm MP0-1-2 ?
If MP6 would give me more exp/hour it would be nice.
If someone has better gear, better tactic with skills and better focus on game, why he cannot recevie a reward as like more exp/hour or more items than people at MP0/1 ?
After swapping to the following skill set:

Bola Shot - Thunder Ball
Spike Trap - Echoing Blast
Vault - Tumble
Shadow Power - Gloom
Preparation - Battle Scars
Sentry - Guardian Turret

Steady Aim

I can do MP4 solo and I can hang on MP5 but its a bit to much to feel I should do it regularly. I die every now and then if I dont pay attention to Reflect Damage groups~ but overall changing to the above build works much faster than HA/Tentacles as primary skills. Give it a try and get used to it, works rather good.
I run MP5 without dying and I'm still able to clear everything fast including the Elites. Reflect sometimes can be tough due to the high damage. I just take SS off and switch it to perfectionist. I run it fast at 300mf so really no need to move up to 6 until i upgrade a couple items.
I run mp5, but i am wondering if it's the most efficient. Have gotten more legendaries in the last few days than running on mp2-4 since the patch came out. Takes me roughly 1.5 - 2 hours to run through the keeps, hit the keywarden, and clear the craters, towers, and kill azmodan.
I'm satisfied with MP 6. I can burn through it fast without deaths. Takes some focus but if you have the gear it goes well. I can go through MP 8 but its too slow. The HP increase makes killing elites take forever. It's safe but to slow to be considered efficient.

Item farming just stick with MP 1. Everything melts and the monsters are all level 63.
I tried traps and hated them. I can currently clear MP5 very quickly @198k damage. I typically go with bola stun and multishot. The only elites that slow me down are reflect and the occasional waller.
MP5+ is great if you're MF farming.

For pure xp/hr. efficiency, MP1-2 is unbeatable, especially if you've got a Leoric's and Hellfire on both you AND your follower.

I prefer to farm MP1-2 even though I can faceroll MP6+ without issues, since you kill the most mobs/elites in general per hour on the lower MPs just doing straight run throughs of every area in Act 3.

IMO, the most efficient farming is shooting 1-2 ball lightnings and watching everything in the room get obliterated and you just keep running through. If it takes more than 2-5 seconds to kill ANYTHING except elites, it's inefficient.
Just curious, are there any DH's that run 1k+ LoH like barbs with comparable stats?

you then my friend are one of the very few who use them. I NEVER...NEVER...NEVER have seen another DH use them in any co-op game I ever played in. But, am glad to see one successfully use it...I stand corrected...

Add me in game and I'll show you two very powerful grenade builds.

Hey man - thanks for the demonstration - although I cannot hang with you guys in MP 8, I have switched to Tinkerer with the Grenadier skill - (also lessens Cluster Bomb cost) and using the turret - amazing build - Thanks again!
i farm mp10 easy but i choose to do mp1 cause its faster kills better exp an better loot lol. i can face tank mp8 ubers an have soloed them before aswell as done 2-3 player carrys
I had 1k LOH (800 bow/200 ring) along with 1000 life per second

I swapped out to a diff bow (2 soc vs 1) and lost 800 LOH but gained 2000 life per kill. I upped my life per second to 1500. That works very well with gloom along with 56% dmg reduction plus dodge chance. I can generally take anything long enough to kill them. Mobs dont bother me with 2k life per kill.

Life per second is cheap to buy on parts where you cant get life per hit also. I generally farm on MP4. It adds up for sure. I would like to have 1k LOH and 2k LPS though.

What is the LOH percent and proc for spike trap/echo blast?
strafe(drifting shadows)/chakram(shuriken cloud)/bat companion is the best way to farm alkaizer route, mp0 ( dont like mp1 coz of 50% mob hp and only 10% exp/25% MF) doing it in less than 10 min ez mode.

I used to play MP5 earlier but is just way too unefficent to even bother for anything else than keys.
I've been able to step up to 5-6 solo now with my tanky gear on, but it's slow going because I'm not vaulting all over the place with TA like I would in MP3-4.

The barb I roll with has found a way for us to smash MP8 elites fast though when we group up. Barb goes and groups up 2-3 packs at a time within a minute or two while I sit in town and drink my coffee and read the paper, as soon as I see "E" in my chat box, I jump in and we down everything pretty quickly. It can go wrong at times though, Barb is moving so fast we never know what affixes are on the elites that are grouped up, often we end up with 2 or more RD packs which can really slow things down. Some times we just move on if there is too many RD's in the group, we can do it but it normally results in both of us taking a few deaths, mainly me though.
no matter how much dps you have...

mp0-1 will be much faster than 5+

anyone that farms mp5+ quickly would obviously farm mp1 faster... some simple math dictates this...

so, if elite execution speed is the only criteria for efficiency then high MP is not efficient, however, this is not the case

as some people here have already pointed out, the efficiency for high MP involves not dying much, and not wasting too much time kiting around senselessly, which leads to faster elite execution but is not itself the same thing.

i have pretty average gear (no nats, legacy or new) and i farm keys on MP10 in about 30minutes, i am not suggesting this is 'efficient', however i do have fun playing on MP10 as it is challenging, and i guarantee key drops, i used to farm keys at mp7 in 10minutes... but i got tired of doing 2-3 runs without getting a key to drop, so i just push the MP up to 10 for keys

because i find this game very simple and boring, i usually do not even play on MP lower than 5... i know it would be significantly faster on lower MP but i would get bored after 5 stacks...

video of my bad DH farming keys on MP 10 here... ;) (skip ahead to about 39minutes, my first run was with a random DH who i dont play very well with)

here is a shorter video of MP10 on DH w/o nats...

9mil budget DH MP10 Key run - Less than 1 Hour run time -

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