Dirt Cheap Monk - no gear over 2000 gold.

(TLDR: You can make a Monk spending no more than 2000 on any one piece of gear.See the gear here: http://imgur.com/a/2jZ2R).

Last night, I tried to see if you could make a Monk to do at least MP1 spending no more than 5000 per piece of gear. It turned out that it's surprisingly easy to do. (That thread is here:
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7118302005 )

This afternoon I figured I'd see if we could lower the bar even further. There was someone posting in another thread who was just starting Inferno with a Fire Resist Monk and was having trouble gearing up. I figured I'd pick fire resist to see if that made any difference. I set out to spend no more than 2000 on any one piece of gear, and no gear on my follower. Here's the stats I wound up with (Armor buffed by the Enchantress):

520 AR
4833 Armor
892 LoH
41K Life
17K DPS (CHC 22%, CHD 121%)

I thought the stats appeared to be viable on MP1, and indeed white Mobs died in an orderly fashion, with elite packs not really proving to be a challenge. There didn't seem to be any affix combinations that gave me difficulty.

So I kicked it up to MP3 and went a a key warden run in Act 3. Cleared the Skycrown Battlements and got 5 stacks of NV without dying, although there was definitely some kiting going on, including some extreme kiting agains a Molten, Desecrator, Frozen, Something pack that didn't seem to give me anywhere to stand.

After that it was on to Stonefort. Nearly died when I found the Key Warden about half way through and he was next to a champion pack of Frozen, Firechain, something, somethings. (I think Vortex was in there). While I didn't die once in the game, there were a couple of close calls, and the Skycrown Battlements + Key run did take about 20-30 minutes, so it wasn't a cakewalk.

Since I started the game at Ghom, just to be sure the build was viable I went to try and take him out. I was sure that I could do it if I switched to Keen Eye + Time of Need, but I already had my 5-stack of NV, and getting another 5-stack with a defensive set up could take a very long time. Long story short: Ghom went down on the first try, but I feel I may have gotten lucky once or twice; I'm not sure I could do it on MP3 with this gear and an offensive setup 100% of the time.

Overall, I'm amazed at how cheap decent gear has gotten on the AH. I think I can definitively say that playing with MP turned on is currently within anyone's grasp.
And yet another bump for the budget monk way. Budget monk FTW!
Very impressive.

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