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I am a witch doctor with a lot of time involved. I have had many legendary drops (mostly garbage), but never a Manajuma's. I farmed act II normal for Leorics a few days and got it.
I can farm Inferno up to mp4, usually farm at mp1, but WHERE SHOULD I FARM TO GET A MANAJUMA'S CARVING KNIFE drop? They are way overpriced and too expensive to buy on the auction house, but there must be a good place to farm for it. Any help would be appreciated.
I dont think it matters where you farm.
I tend to see a lot of rare ceremonial knives drop in the Dhalgar Oasis in Inferno. Based on my experiences, I would suggest farming there on MP1 (all monsters are lvl 63) for a good chance to get a Manajuma knife to drop.

Just a thought, no facts or numbers to base this off of, only personal experience.
Mine dropped in Act 3, Fields of Slaughter. But, really it doesn't matter where you farm, it's all relatively random anyway.
it is totally random, at least if you are killing lvl63 mobs it is
Ok thanks, might try a little Oasis, if not will just keep farming act III
In public games I'm not sure if it's random or not. I've been running through Heart of Sin (since it's harder for people to run off into the weeds), and in 2 days, I've gotten several pieces of the same set (2 zunimassa's marrow, 2 zunimassa's vision, 2 pieces of blackthorne's set, and 2 windforce bows) There's been some other stuff, but those are the ones that stand out. Anyway, just throwing the info out there.
it's all random. i rolled one in act 3 fields. it was crap. the best ones spawn is the AH.
I had a bad chicken dropped in Act 3, Fields of Slaughter. We may be up to something... not...
It is completely random as to where, but it is more likely to drop if you're playing a WD.
i got one in act3 Arreat Core but it had no socket :(
theres another post somewhere on the forum where a guy broke down all the drops, its basically a lottery every time you get a drop.

heres the link:

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