How's my WD? :)

Witch Doctor
Am I on the right track here?
Would like to know your opinion on my Witch Doctor.
can't view your profile.
He's on the European Server.

First let's talk about life sustainment. You have 1500 life regen and 400 life on kill. You have no life generation on your weapon.
You currently use frogs and Bears. RoT is really good for triggering life on hit and Bears work best with life steal. While you have high life regen, it isn't enough to take you into mid-range MP levels.
So I would suggest you either get a weapon with life steal or life on hit, preferably with a socket so you can stick an emerald in it, or get 500-700 life on hit on your jewelry.

Try to get damage, crit chance, int, crit damage (and vitality if possible) on all your jewelry. This will boost your DPS.

Start working on getting some legendary items. Zuni set pieces are coming down in price and you would benefit from a better mojo.
Ok I saw in Europe profile. Your WD In defnsive stats it is ok to have high HP and life regen but no all resis I have no idea how much MP u can go with that u need to find around 400 all resis when change your gear and try to get Dex up to 500 at least that help life regen work better when u can get more all resis u can use zombie dog + fierce loyalty passive to tank support if you like. In DPS stats u need to start stack more critical chance/damage. All your gear still have other item that can roll better big change u must go.
If you get a 800 dps weapon with 200+ int 90+ CD and socket, it would probably be stronger than your current main hand. Those are pretty affordable
Here's my thought:

If you want to do quick A3 runs @ MP2-3 within 15-25 minutes, this is what I would suggest.

DPS & Survivability Stats:
40k+ HP
400~ AR
70+ DPS
3.8K Armor
20+ PUR
Life Steal (Not mandatory for lower MP, but it makes everything easier)


This build is for players that are currently lacking gear e.g low damage, no life steal/regen, low MPS.

For the above build to work you would need at least 20+ Pick up Radius (PUR), anything additional would be a big plus.

Offhand: Replace with a TotD, they are easy to come by and are pretty cheap nowadays for a decent one. The standard 20+ PuR on it is the reason why you would want one.

Main Hand: Your current main hand have good black damage, but it is lacking in so many other ways. No Crit damage (CD) roll, no open socket (OS) and no Life Steal (LS). You can get a 850~ dps weapon with 150~ INT, 60+ CC & OS for maybe 200-500k? and If you can find one with LS that would be a huge plus, I think now they go for 10M+ depending on the damage.

Helm, Chest, Boots & ring: Try to get a 4 piece zunni for the mana regen. Here is a break down to get the best and cheapest zunni piece:

Zunni Helm: Zunni helms with high intel and CC is still pretty expensive. I would suggest you to get one with Mana regen with about 200+ intel, those are fairly cheap.

Zunni Chest: A zunni chest with 140~ vit & intel are cheap. If you want a better alternative with better survivability, try to look one up with some physical resist or life regen.

Zunni Boots: What ever you can afford, preferably 140~ intel & vit, add physical resist to your search, since they are a lot cheaper than All Resist (AR) ones.

Zunni Ring: Zunni rings with CC are expensive. Find one with + damage 20-50.

Gloves: Your current gloves have amazing intel and vit, but a pair of gloves with 200~ intel 7~ CC 30~ CD would be a lot better than your current one. Vit and AR would be a plus if you can afford it. I've found 200+ INT 100+ VIT and 9CC gloves for under 200k.

Amulet: Replace it with a cheap alternative, Tal Ammys are fairly cheap now, it rolls high INT and High VIT. Try to find one with +damage. If you can find one with CC and can afford it, that would be a plus. Any other rares with decent CC, CD, INT and VIT would also work. I would aim for 50+ CD 6+ CC & 150~ INT with some VIT or +DMG.

Other Ring: Any cheap ring on the AH would do. Try to search for CC, CD, INT and VIT. +DMG is a plus.

Shoulders: vile wards are starting to go down in price, so I would suggest you to invest in one. They have High AR, INT, and Life regen, if you can find one with PUR, that would be a huge plus.

Belt: If you can afford it, grab an INT Witching Hour. If not just grab a rare belt with high VIT & INT with 50+ AR and Physical Resist. PUR is also a plus.

Hope this helps.
11/13/2012 05:28 AMPosted by Exia
try to get Dex up to 500 at least that help life regen work better

This may be the worst piece of advice I've seen on these forums. Maybe I'm misunderstanding due to your mangled grammar and run-on sentences, but in no context is "get your dex up to 500" good advice for any WD.

It makes even less sense to say that Dex helps life regen.

Dex gives us a chance to dodge. That's it. Dodge = no damage. No damage = nothing to regen.

At least if it were strength, then it would be a flat damage reduction through the armor bonus (even though the returns for strength for a WD are horrible).

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