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I just wanted to say I really like the change wherein players can "Search for similar items" on the auction house when they right click on item. However, I think it could be a nice very minor change to add that same option to items you have already bid upon or you have up for sale.

Also, I like how you can see how an item affects your character in-game (damage, health, protection). I would like to see this kindness while browsing the auction house as well.

I think it was a great change to save search options when switching from the ah to the rmah. However, I would like to see your searches saved when exiting the auction house. Perhaps allow players to save their searches with specific parameters so they do not have to type them in every time they search the ah or rmah.

An in-game auction house would be nice so I could post items on the fly.

I'd like to have timers on auctions show down to the second how much time is left.

Perhaps implement some sort of trading system comparable to steam in which players can trade items for games. I think that'd be pretty neat to be able to trade in-game items or currency for actual copies of blizzard games to their fellow players.

A mail system might be kind of cool.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I'll try to post more as the thoughts gradually come to me. Please post your ideas for such changes and feedback to the latest version of the auction house as well fellow forum-goers if you feel inclined.
Here's a good one: I'd like to be able to sort the auctions I already bid on by Time Left, buyout, current bid, your bid, and winning or not winning.

Also, it would be nice to be able to have the same sort of auction system WoW has with regard to browser integration i.e. the ability to post and buy auctions in an internet browser.

I think as well it could be nice to be able to manually remove auctions from your list of previously bid up auctions after that auction has expired or after you got outbid.
Another thing I think that might be nice would be the ability to manage my inventory at the auction house screen. I want to be able to move items from my stash to my inventory, move items across multiple characters, etc without having to swap characters every time to do that.
It also might be nice to be able to search for similar items from items that are linked in chat.
Another thing I think might be cool would be the ability to "sort" completed transactions in your Auction House log. Sorting by item type, bid vs buyout, etc could be nice.
I'd also like to be able to mark auctions without bidding on them. At present to make an item easily viewable for a later date on the auction house you have to bid on it first if you want to try to snipe it later. I'd rather be able to bookmark an auction and then try to snipe some bids on it as you can on Ebay or any other bidding site.
How about adding the feature to sort out items in the Winning/Losing Bid section as well. I'd like to snipe em' goodies on the last minute.
That would definitely be nice LethalSeraph. I also might like to see an order filled system wherein orders of items/trade goods can be filled after someone places a certain price they are willing to pay for items/trade goods with certain stats or higher.
Another thing that might be nice would be the ability to see what auctions went for which you have lost long after the auction expired.
I'd also like to be able to search an item's history. That is to say see easily what I paid for the item, when I got it, etc. At present it can be cumbersome looking up what I paid for an item 2 months ago.
This one is a bit difficult to explain. After you have bid on an item, and then got outbid, the item which you have gotten outbid upon shows up in the "Bids" directory of the Auctions tab on the auction house. So then if you want to bid on the item again you simply check your bids, scroll down to and select the item, and then bid on the item. The problem is that when you bid on the item, immediately afterward the items shown move so that you cannot quickly bid on the item again.

This is problematic as it can cause you to accidentally bid on the wrong thing as you have to go back to scroll back down to the item you're interested in bidding upon, select that item, and then bid again. I'm sure you can imagine how frantic it can be with only moments left on an auction.

Another thing which I'm not a big fan of is gold being used up in the first place to bid on an item. Why does my gold have to be used up, then sent back to me, then I have to go retrieve the gold? Why can't it just give me an outbid message and my gold stays in my inventory, and then I never have to go retrieve the gold after the meaningless transaction has occurred. Why the extra step? It is unnecessary and a waste of time, not too mention it just fills up my auciton house log with more garbage information that I don't care about.
I'd also like to be able to see the items of my followers at the auction house menu so I could search for similar items for them.
Another minor thing I think could nice would be the ability to move the preferred stats up or down in ascendancy by holding left click on each preferred stat and then dragging it to a higher or lower position. So whatever I have in the first slot could move down to the second, or third, or fourth, etc..
Another thing on the ah that I think could improve the ah would be a greater selection of preferred stats to select from. Take for example the stone of jordan. At present if you want an soj with max fury and frenzy damage you have to literally check each and every stone of jordan on the auction house. While not only not fun, the auction house only shows 34 pages anyway so even if you were autistic enough to do this you are limited by 34 pages of content.

Edit - I realize you can search for these stats when you have "All Armor Types" selected from the drop down menu, but, that still is a bit counter-intuitive I would think for newer and even veteran players.
Another thing I'd like to see would be the ability to "search for similar items" on crafting materials and gemstones.
Here's an interesting idea I had: say you want to bid on an item lower than the initial price. I think it might be cool to be able to place a bid on an item notably lower than the initial asking price, and then the seller can allow the bid to go through or not at the seller's discretion. This way if the seller is desperate they have a better chance of selling the item. Perhaps even allow sellers to end auctions early if there has already been bids as well.
Another thing I'd like to see would be a maximum bid. There is already a maximum buyout, so add a maximum bid for good measure.
I'd also like to see the auction house window movable. The fact that it is locked in place is a bit annoying sometimes because when i click on items linked in chat it blocks the auction house window with the item description that pops up. so you have to click on an item, memorize the stats from the pop up, close the pop up, etc. it is an unnecessary annoyance that could be easily avoided by unlocking the auction house window.
Another thing I think could be useful would be the ability to sort by type of item. Say I input several different search parameters e.g. strength, vitality, all resistance, and armor. Well, several different types of items will show up mixed together. Perhaps I want to see all of them but when they are mixed together in that way it makes it a bit more confusing. Of course there is already a filter for item type, but at present that filter doesn't work in many cases for unique items which have stats that can't be searched for such as life% on boots.
Here's an idea: how about the ability to put notes on items by right clicking on them after you've bid on them. If you read EBooks you'll know what I mean by this.

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