Bug: Monk's Dashing Strike/Barbarian's Charge

Bug Report
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I am a Monk player in hardcore. Using either Tempest Rush or Dashing Strike as an escape skill is mandatory in my opinion. The first skill has rubber banding issues and I can see how this might be hard to fix. Dashing Strike would be a great alternative and is really fun to use. However, the risk of getting stuck and eventually die (?) is too high for me.
I disagree with 90% of the user complains and think that Blizzard did a great job with Diablo 3. But the dashing strike bug is extremely frustrating. Blizzard, please invest some resources and fix this issue.
This happened to me in hardcore.... I ended up dieing from this...
well the Blizzard inc. compound is in US. california i do not think they make french priority ... but this only a Opinion long live blizzard..
Happens to me every day I play Diablo 3, since I always use this skill - in every skill combination
This exact thing has happened 6 times in 3 days.

ALWAYS when I'm fighting Elite packs.

Using Barbarian.


This never happened before, but I only recently (within this last week) changed my skill set to the above.

And I won't deny it, I'm usually spamming Revenge (as well as all my other skills) like a mad man when it happens.

It's complete B.S. I've lost items having to restart my bloody game. -.- It's incredibly frustrating.

Please add my Bug Report:

^_^ <3 Thanks for making this thread!

Added ;-)
I have this bug since i use dash, and it is really annoying,
it forces me to always combine dash with sss, because sss is the only way I know to solve the problem (except for logout) - and this starts to get really annoying...

I have never seen the bug in any "know issue" thread.

I would really appreciate if s.o. from Blizz would give the community some information, concerning this issue or at least add the issue to the sticky "know issues" thread...
As this issue is known for quite a while now, a little more than the casual 'We're working on it.' would be much apreciated...

Any plans on fixing this, as I must say, pretty damn annoying error anytime soon? 1.0.7 maybe?
Please, seriously, fix this bug. It is annoying as crap.
11/02/2012 04:03 PMPosted by ALIAS
Thanks guys, we're working on it.

2 and a half months have past since you told us you had begun work to fix this bug

still going or got fired?
Getting old, real old....

Fix this please. Like...before another 3-4 months go by...
Bug: Collision error when avatar's relocation ability coincides with MOB's detrimental relocation ability

Effect: Avatar becomes "stuck" within the geometry of the map, unable to move, TP, affect the game, or be killed. Known workaround for monks: Seven-sided-strike will "un-stick" the avatar.

Example (quoted from poster "tau" at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6758256740 on 09/30/12):

    "You choose for example the Monk or Barb and make Dashing Strike:Quicksilver or Furious Charge: Merciless Assault as one of your abilities because you will want to use it very often

    You search for an Elite Mob with any ability to relocate you or hinder you in your movement other than stun. This includes but is not limited to special abilities as vortex, firechains and knock-back but also counts for every other mob's unique ability to knock you off your current path

    From my Point of View it means if any one of these Abilities collide with your dash/charge path it will cause you to experience the relocation bug"

Reproduce-ability: 1 out of 5

Severity: Medium-High: forces player to leave the game, completely interrupting play, quests, groups, etc...

This is a significant bug that has been extant for - at a minimum - 4 months. While the option to forgo the abilities which cause the collision bug exists, in addition to using SSS for monks, both are unacceptable.

A fix, or - at the least - an update would be greatly appreciated (an update which subsumes: if the bug has been isolated, is 5/5 reproducible, a fix is in the works, and a roll-out is planned, please).

Thank you
Add me to the list..I thought I had a new method of play...guess not :(
yes this happened alot to me too, especially with elite fight.. hope for this to get fixed soon..
Is there any official update on fixing this bug?
Last couple of days it is crashing a lot.. never had problems before..
now 4 times in 2 evenings..
My barbarian (38) in HC almost died because of this bug.
This is unacceptable for HC players.
Fixe furious charge bug is a priority.
You've been informed of this bug since several months now.
At least give us some informations ...
Still working on it or ignoring it ?
Highly annoying when farming Key-warden and this happening... since you will have to re-log to fix the issue... happened several times on key-warden for me, and ofc on several other occasions. Fix it PLZ

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