Error 3007 Disconnects

Bug Report
Over the past week, I've had many disconnects due to error 3007. These do not seem to be associated with any lag/internet issues. The interface is responsive with no glitches right up until the point of the disconnect and I can always immediately get back into the client. This started before the last hotfix, which was supposed to stop some disconnect issues, but has occurred for me at about the same rate since the hotfix.

This isn't that big of a problem in party, unless we're fighting ubers, of course, but is causing me lost progress on solo farming runs. Is anybody else having this issue lately?
I have too, but it didn't start until after the most recent Patch for me. And I can't usually sign back in immediately after having been disconnected.
Same problems here...and never had this issue before in 1.0.5

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