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I know there is some sort of bug with WW barbs disconnecting but jeez. I keep disconnecting completely logging me out, game stopping out of no where and the game telling me servers are down. I close D3, reopen it, log in, it's fine. It just disconnects so much. Even more often than when on my demon hunter. I think the problem of me disconnecting more frequently than normal is WWing buuut, I still disconnect a lot with my Demon Hunter. My net is pretty solid, my PC is more than fine. Just wanting to know if there is a server problem I'm missing or anything that I could do, to help promote stability.

Even the site itself is lagging and it takes a couple times to join a public game, I just tried and it kicked me out before it loaded.
I don't think its you. It happens to be ALL the time. Especially lately. Its incredibly frustrating. I've been in act 4 trying to get to diablo with 5 stacks and i can't even navigate through level 2 of the silver spire. Constant disconnects. It always says the server is down, I'm getting logged out. I have a laptop but I legit sit right in front of the router so its not like i'm losing my connection. It makes me not want to play though. I tried playing for about 45 minutes today and never got more than 2 stacks of nephalem valor before getting disco'd and having to start all over again. After about 6 tries, I'm all set. I'll find something else to do now.
With every patch and hotfix, the frequency and duration of lag and number of disconnects during play keep getting worse. It has become normal to die when I banner tp in group and public games. Playing solo I'm dead if there's a mob near the resume point.

In Fields of Slaughter, half the time the flying reptiles just appear (don't see them flying in). Often I die without seeing what killed me until AFTER I'm dead and a mob appears over my body.

I know this problem can be attributed to weak computers, but I didn't have these problems before 1.0.4.
2 people I know are having this problem, Including myself, and our PC's are not weak by any standard...

In fact, been fine all week until last night and tonight.

I also have a 25Mbps down, 1Mbps up, decent enough speed to keep up with any multiplayer....errr...single player game lol.
im having this problem too.and its not fun, when its not on my side.think they need a new patch dedcated to perfomance issuses.
Ive had it as well.
My pc is more than capable. I've got around 30u/2d internet speed. It's a wired connection, not wireless, maybe my router is faulty, even though it only happens with Diablo 3. It happened to me in previous patches but never this frequently until 1.0.5.
EU player here we got the same disconnects in EU we had 1 blue response saying its our systems... even there are 100's if not 1000's with this problem...
I am having this problem as well. I am ok with the response that it is my system. I do ask that some trouble shooting should be done. I believe firmly that I can correct the problem on my end if I am able to determine what the problem is.

I know its not the network because I have no problems playing my witch doctor/dh.

I have updated drivers and OS.

Is there a number is should call or something I can submit here?

Please help.
The Whirlwind from barbarian cause the disconnect.
I've also had these problems more frequently the last couple of days. I don't know what's going on. The connection works fine for my computer for everything else. I even switched my settings to dumb down the graphics and sound to see if that would help. No luck.
The same disconnects also happen with my Demon Hunter and Wizard.
Same here.....Non-stop disconnect once I start playing but I can sit at the AH and menu's forever....Sighs

Ran speedtest 45mbps/down and 25mbps/up with 10ms.

Please hot-fix this issue!
11/08/2012 08:27 AMPosted by Babass
The Whirlwind from barbarian cause the disconnect.

So what is the problem with the WW? Server side? Code? Or is it a problem with my system interacting with any of the above?
Best I can tell the problem is caused when mass amounts of damage are caused at rapid assent to large groups at the same time.

For example:
I WW through like 20 creatures, tornados + ww hits them all; add rend and do more. Then add another 20 creatures and repeat until you have about 50ish creatures. It is only in these instances that I get dropped.

There may also be a connection to escaping the range of an affix of a group of elite’s combined with the damage stacks.

This is all speculation based off observation.

Is there a any type of diagnostics that I can perform?
I use barb when this happens, and I use HOA, not WW, so that can't be what is causing it.
If you use a ww barb change your settings to windowed mode, and you won't get disconnected from ww. However, just recently I have been getting disconnected from the game, then when stuck at main menu, I get kicked out and have to log back in. Not my internet hence using pandora radio on the side w/o losing connection. not to mention all the resets on router/modem, driver updates, blah blah blah....
11/08/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Snufleupagus
If you use a ww barb change your settings to windowed mode, and you won't get disconnected from ww.

Window mode had no affect.
No one has any good info?

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