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Hi, ive been looking for some pretty odd ball items for wizards lately, havent had much luck AH camping so i thought id try my luck here, if your item meets my minimum requirements, please feel free to post either a description of the item, a picture, and a value, or alternatively, add me ingame and post the stats in the message box, Myth#1496.
That being said heres what im looking for folks,

Storm crow -5 Disintergrate 8 Lightning dmg 10 ApoC 4% to e's

Storm crow -5 Arcane torrent 8 lightning dmg 10APoC 4% to e's
(APoC might be flexible if i like the SC enough, post if its 9 either way)

Oculus -5 to meteor 10 cc 10 ApoC +Max ap(9 please, willing to look at others close to 9, 8,7 etc) 250 avg dmg 200 int

Oculus 280+ avg dmg 300 int 5 bonus to e's 10 cc 10 ApoC, a good teleport reduction would be nice, but not necessary

a random healing wand:
3% LS
900+ LoH <Slightly flexible here, maybe 875 but no less.
800+ Dps
If you snipe my hat I will cut you.
Just curious why you'd want a healing wand? I had a backup wand for uber fights with LS/LoH but it's obnoxious to swap out mid-fight and for CM wiz, by the time you know you need to heal chances are good you're dead. Were you planning on mid-fight swaps or more like using it for gimmick runs?
ive always been able to wand swap without a problem, i just dont do it anymore because of archon and magic weapon, swapping removes the buff, but for cm ive been doing just fine, i also have an LS weapon for cm, healing wands are cheap theres no reason not to get a really nice one when you wont even pay 10m imo, good sound investment.
Sorry complete down grade, i need the stats i listed.
Bump still looking
Close Oculus in Ah

272av dam

300m (Not mine)(not lying either)(truth)(...)
its not 10 cc or 10 apoc tho=\ ive seen a few occys with the stats im looking for before, its just that i had already dumped all my gold into an upgrade that by the time it showed up..yeah i lost :|
One I looked at was

I dont search for less.
oh 272, i see then i think it was a downgrade for me so i said id start looking for 275s+ =\ ty tho!

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