Please allow multiplier while crafting

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Simple UI addition/tweak/request:

In any place you can craft, add a "quantity" number-spinner in the area where the materials list is. When that number changes, recalculate the required material cost and enable/disable craft button if insufficient materials.

Nothing worse than sitting, clicking, once every 2 seconds to upgrade a stack of flawless squares to something better.

You already know the quantity I _can_ make (highlighted as a number in brackets next the item), so just let me set how many I want to make on this click.

I don't even care if it takes as much time as it would to manually click "upgrade" N times (eg: 2sec * qty), as long as I don't have to click/wait/click/wait/click/wait/click/wait 15 minutes. But one click + 30 seconds of crafting time to upgrade 15 squares to next tier ... Less annoying.

I'd even pay a premium while upgrading to say "Shen, fill this order. I'll be back after I go melt a few mobs and pickup my gems". (Though that could has side effects like random disconnect before picking up "order" and angry people losing 300 flawless squares).

Just a thought. Back to clicking the upgrade button.

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