Terribad FPS and Inability to use Safari

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I have all settings at lowest possible. I have tried troubleshooting as best I am able. I have tried a wired DSL internet, I have tried wireless, I have made everyone in my apartment turn off their CPUS so i KNOW no one but me is using the internet, I have changed settings to best possible, native settings, and everything in between. I have reset my smc, I have checked my fan speed and CPU temperature, I keep my activity monitor opened to make sure things are running smoothly on my system, and nothing is working.

Game runs BEAUTIFULLY when its just me on my screen, no friends, no monsters. As soon as something comes into view though, holy guacamole. Literally kill me ... or uninstall. SO mad at the way things are right now because I love this game.

Also, when I open the game client and it says "game is up to date" my internet browser works fine. But when I hit "play" I cant even navigate thru the forums. If I click on a new page in browser, switch to diablo client, and quickly switch back to internet browser, it is instantly loaded. It almost seems like all my internet capability is running thru Diablo, but only on my System. For example, my playing of this game does not affect my girlfriends ability to stream and watch HD movies on her CPU but I can even browse the internet.

Having trouble explaining this so let me try another angle... I have diablo client opened and I am in the AH. Switch to Youtube and try to load a video, impossible. Switch back to AH for 5-10 seconds, look at video again, and its fully loaded. WTF?


The FPS has been awful since .5, however, .5a fixed the second problem i mentioned. "Latest hotfixes" brought the second problem back with a vengence.

PLEASE fix these problems, game is unplayable for a seemingly larg part of your mac community ATM
ALso, I cannot use firefox, not just safari. BTW i have plenty of free ram so its not a system issue, its a program issue.
This same thing is happening to me. Why does Blizzard not care and forget about us? It's annoying and I don't feel satisfied as a customer. I'll run and vault around fine at 30-40 fps (which is playable for me... I've gotten used to it for now), but when any mobs come on screen you can see a considerable fps drop. Then when I enter an area with even more it drops literally to 4-10 fps and stutters there until I kill everything and it goes back up to 30-40. Why? This is so aggravating.
Can you post a copy of your D3Prefs.txt file? I have the suspicious that you don't have a minimum framerate set, and it is resulting in lower resources available for the browser to load pages at a more "normal" speed.

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