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Hi everyone,

Since I don't have much time to play D3 because of school lately, I'm not able to check my account every day. I've had many problems with my account when i get sh*tload of emails from Blizzard that im trying to sell my account and i have to verify it and so on. And now i logged in again to check if everything is alright, and when i wanted to view my profile it said: "No heroes exist on this account." Dafuqq ?? I've seen that stuff before but there is always some email concluded and i've always got it back, but now there is no emails and no one knows my account password. Can anyone help me and tell what may be wrong ?

And Blizzard, seriously, give people some time. If i don't log in every day or week, then i have my reasons. You don't have to worry and spam me with emails and so on.

I'm not angry or anything, just i would like to live in peace, not to worry if my account or heroes are in danger again.


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